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Eva and Jana (on guitar) from Czech Republic

Martin (Sweden)

Rebecca (New Zealand) after comedy sketch, covered in water, choc sauce etc.

Terri (in pink, camp director) and Micha

Chris and Brittany

On the 18th we started training, so we all got up for 8.30am to go to the dining hall to get our manuals. Over the week we were taught about developmental disabilites, autism, behaviour modification, american sign language and first aid (and things about procedures and policies and boring things like that).

We have also split into 3 committees, a flagpole committee who organise the morning activities at the flagpole, a camp fire committee who make the announcements in the morning and evening and do the bedtime songs/stories etc. and finally the rainy day committee, which is pretty self explanatory. Me, being me, and suffering from a lack of power since I haven't been President of a committee in over a year, I volunteered to be head of the campfire committee!! I am with Karen(UK), Ema(Holland), Jana(Czech Republic) and Andrea(France), it's pretty much given me the chance to remember all my childhood songs from Guides, nursery rhymes etc. It's like being a kid again, and it's what people expect of you! I think it's going to be a wicked summer. All the counsellors have really bonded over this week, which is good as we have to be together all summer!

We have played lots of ice breaker games, and surprisingly, I've been more outgoing than I ever was at school etc. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the fact that I'm suddenly surrounded by the same people for a long time! Hehe. Anyway, apart from playing games and learning stuff we have gone for swims in the pool, watched films in the evenings, gone out for a dinner at a group home so we could meet some of the campers who will be coming over the next few weeks. It was really interesting, and a fun night getting to know some of them.

Last night (Thursday) we all had to come up with a talent and we had a talent show. I chose to do my kata's which I learnt for karate competitions at Uni (sorry Phil, but I wouldn't have won any medals...!). People seemed to think they were really good, but I had them filmed and know better. Still I haven't trained for over a year so maybe they weren't too bad considering. Everyone did really well, we even had the Spice Girls, with their extra member Spice Boy!

Today after training we went to Nifty Fifties, a typical American diner, with dinner paid for by the camp. It was really nice and there is a really good feeling of community in the camp now.

The campers arrive on Sunday, and we've already been sorted into our cabins, I'm with Charlotte and Ashleigh, but I'm floating, which means that I may get called to help at any of the other cabins.

I'm quite looking forward to Sunday and meeting the campers and getting into working here, I think it'll be challenging, but fun at the same time.

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