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Pacaya Volcan

Pacaya Volcan

Hi Guys,

Still in Antigua, Guatemala. Last day of spanish school. Need to now revise and practise.

The place is a small town and very touristy but local people are just so friendly. We all stand out of course but we dont get hassled all the time and people like to chat to us and practise their english. So we talk in spanish and the locals respond in English!!!

I amn considering staying longer but have my surf lessons in Costa rica. I ahve already changed the date twice and they are ok aboiut it but need a week notice. This is the only item on the iteneray that has a fixed date so want to get it out of way so I dont have to worry about it after that and if I returnb to guatemala I can stay as long as I like.

Tomorrow of to Panajachel and then next week to monterico - the beach.

See my iteneray for changes.

Take care and keep well-.

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