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The River that Runs Through Taman Negara, In Taman Negara

One of the Many Snakes on Our Jungle Safari, Taman Negara

Us on the Beach, Pulau Perhentian Islands

Feeding the Savage Fish, Pulau Perhentian Islands

Us on the Boat During Our Snorkeling Day Trip, Pulau Perhentian Islands

Turtle Beach, where the sea turtles lay their eggs, Pulau Perhentian Islands

Craig holding a baby sea turtle, Pulau Perhentian Islands

Writing in the sand, Pulau Perhentian Islands

Monitor Lizard, Tioman Island

Read this sign!!! Tioman Island

Taman Negara, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Tioman, Singapore

Hello Everyone!!

We took a boat down the river through untouched sections of Taman Negara to the bus station where we headed North to Pulau Perhentian islands. Once in Pulau Perhentian we stayed at an area called long beach with white sand, coral reefs and jungle covering the rest of the island. We basically laid around on the beach for 4 out of 5 of the days that we were there. On the one day we left the beach we went on a snorkeling trip around the two main islands where we swam with reef sharks and a huge sea turtle, it was like she was swimming with us around in the water for about five minutes. One of the beaches, Turtle Beach, is one of the only remaining sea turtle nesting areas left in the world. We landed on the island in the afternoon and got to see the beach where the turtles lay their eggs and the egg incubation center where the eggs are collected after being laid and placed in the safety of a locked building where predators and humans are kept away from the eggs. We got to see and touch one of the new baby turtles! The turtles are kept for two days and then released into the ocean where only 2 out of 100 turtles live to adulthood. Since the island had no ATM's we had to leave back to the main land to take out more money so we decided to head South to Tioman Island.

On Tioman Island we basically laid on the beach and read books. We ate at every restaurant on that section of the island and then left for Singapore.

Now we are enjoying a quality hotel and familiar food in Singapore. We did some shopping in one of the many malls in the city and some much needed laundry. We are going to spend our last night relaxing and watching HBO before the 8:00am flight to Taipei in the morning.

Next time we write we will be teachers in Taiwan and back to the daily grind.

Have a good weekend,

Love Craig and Jenn

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