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Hindu Temple Kuala Lumpur

National Mosque Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Sultan's Palace Kuala Lumpur

Us and the Petronas Towers From The Top of the Communications Tower,...

Craig and the Waterfall in Cameron Highlands

Jenn and the Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands

Tea Plantations, Cameron Highlands

Craig and a Big Tree, Taman Negara

Craig and the Canopy Walkway, Taman Negara

Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands & Taman Negara

Hello again,

We have been traveling through the beautiful country of Malaysia for the last few weeks. Our first stop was in the modern city of Kuala Lumpur. We walked through the old colonial quarter to Merdeka Square (the main square) where independence was declared 50 years ago. This area has many old buildings modeled after Arab architecture (because 90% of Malaysians are Muslim). We then went into the area known as the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is full of shops and malls, the main one being Times Square; it has 10 stories of shops and an indoor amusement park that is a close second to West Edmonton Mall. We then went up one of the world's tallest communication towers (250M) where we got a panorama view of the city and an excellent photo opportunity of the Petronas twin towers, the second tallest building in the world.

We then headed North to the Cameron Highlands, located in the center of peninsular Malaysia. It was a popular spot for English colonizers because of its mild temperatures and acidic soils perfect for tea growing. We hiked past these wonderful waterfalls through the jungle then out to the BOH tea plantation and factory. We took a tour of the factory and went up through the plantations. It was neat to see how the tea was grown. We bought a few packages of this great tea, Lychee and Rose flavored, and it was so good. Later that night we played poker with a nice Dutch couple we meet at our hotel, Craig won!

Taman Negara is a 4343 Sq Km National park of old growth rain forest that dates back 130 million years. It was missed by the ice age so its plants and land structures are unique to this area of the world. We went on a hike to the canopy walkway, which is about ½ km of ropes and ladders strung up 30-40 meters in the air within the rainforest canopy. It was a scary but really cool experience. We then walked to one of the hides they have throughout the park where you sit next to a clearing and wait for the animals to come and feed on the grass or have a drink from the water. We saw a deer, a squirrel and many different color birds. During one of the nights we went on a jungle safari in one of the palm oil plantations surrounding the park. Using a high powered flash light and a 4x4 truck we ventured around for about 2 hours during which we saw a leopard cat (A small predator from the cat family), many bats, and 3 poisonous snakes (there are 230 different kinds of snakes in Malaysia), Craig held one of the non-poisonous snakes (a spring snake), we also saw a slow lotus (a tiny big eyed mammal from the monkey family).

Love, Jenn and Craig

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