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The long and winding road . . .

Blue's first trip out

Campsite (with Beth and Blue checking out the front of the coach).

Chillin' to the bluegrass sounds of Nickel Creek

Jim's son Jarrad and his fiancée Brandi are getting married Saturday in Buckeye Lake, Ohio - good excuse for a ROAD TRIP!

Leaving today was a little touch and go as Jim declared we would not leave until he got the yard mowed. Morning rain resulted in a delay while we waited for the grass to dry. Fortunately for us (but not for the plant life), rain was light and ended by mid-morning. We were on the road by 2 p.m.

We have an additional "person" traveling with us on this trip - our 18-year-old cat daughter Blue. Blue went on a trip with us last fall when we took the RV on an Open House tour for our families. She has remained at home since then. As we did last minute preps and packing for this trip, it was obvious by Blue's comments to us that she was aware of what we were getting ready to do and that she did not like it. She really seemed pleased when she learned that she was going with us! Once we were on the road, Blue has spent almost the entire trip on my lap sleeping.

We did experience some (actually "a lot of") anxiety when we got off of I-77 just south of Beckley to travel west on Route 3 to the campground at Lake Stephens Park. Sure it was only 8+ miles to the park, BUT it was another 2 ½ miles within the park on very narrow, curvy roads to the campground. Every time tree limbs brushed the coach both Jim and I cringed. AND even route 3 was no picnic. It was Jim's first experience with the coach on narrow mountain roads.

Well, we're here at Lake Stephens now. We survived the narrow roads. The park is beautiful. The weather is cool. It's time to chill.

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