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On the evening of the 15th Terri, the Camp Director took us to the Cowtown Rodeo as several people wanted to see what a 'Real American Rodeo' was like. We got there at around 7.30pm and waited for the fun to begin. Before it started the American National Anthem was sung, although it didn't look like many of the audience sang.

The first event was the cowboys having to stay on a bull for 8 seconds. The first few were thrown off after a couple of seconds, then one managed to stay on! I felt sorry for these guys dressed as clowns who have to distract the bull once the cowboy has been thrown off so that the cowboy isn't attacked. The bulls looked pretty vicious and I was glad to be outside looking in! Then there was lassooing of a calf (hoping I've spelt lassooing right here...). And the bucking bronco section, and then the events went again, with everyone trying to beat there score, and some slight changes to the lasooing section, where 2 cowboys had to lasso a calf, one round the neck and one round the hind leg. I felt sorry for the poor little calf. There was also a section for cowgirls where they had to ride their horse around 3 barrels in the quickest time. It was a fun night. 6 new people had arrived as well that afternoon, 4 from Poland, and 2 from the UK (1 from Essex!!).

On Sunday we went on a trip to Deptford Mall as several people wanted to go shopping, it was smaller than I'd expected, 2 levels but about a quarter of the size of Lakeside or maybe smaller I guess! Still it was good, and it was interesting to see some all American shops, like one that just sells baseball caps and nothing else.

In the late afternoon we caught the train to Philadelphia and walked to South Street, past a few historical sites, but we didn't have time to go around any museums or anything and so just looked round some of the shops on South Street, watched a couple of street performers and had dinner - a traditional Philly Cheese Steak for me. Which was nice, but had been built up so much I didn't understand what was so special!

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