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Very quick entry cause im yet again on me lunch at work. Being the great big geeks that we are, still lovable i'd hope though! Vic, our Kiwi roomie Catherine, Leon and Lloydy went to neighbours last night again for the simple purpose of meeting Harold lol an opportunity that just could not be passed up! As per usual we had an amazing night, got lots of free food and made a deal with the barman that if i stayed till the v end of the night (having said id leave early cause i was at work the next day) we could have a bottle and a half of wine, which is $20 a bottle, for $10 woooo! Getting a pro at getting free and or cheap food and wine lol. All the other cast we had met before and therefore it was really only Harold that we got excited about lol but awwww he was lovely!!! He got a little bit tiddly and made lotsa madge jokes and was telling us about his real wife and his holidays to england and that was just to our little table cause they come and speak to you for ages. He also did a few of his "harold impressions" which were hilarious, missed out on getting them on video thought which was a big poop but never mind. Fraser was alot hotter this time around too, very Clark Kent lol and i think everyone was telling him that! Me being...well me and fraser quite rightly named me the little cheeky one, i "stole" his glasses and in the photo where im wearing them he's actually holding me arms as if im lost and special and if im about to be walked to a ward or something lol- loved it!

So yeah that was yet another neighbours night which was v fun as always and our last one =O! We still have the tour thing to do tho before we leave.

Weekend was a random one, met bunch of guys out of the Australian Army who really did increase my knowledge of war lol was actually quite interesting! Then on the Sunday we went over to our good old local McDonalds to get a frozen coke as is tradition and got pounced upon by 5 young ozi guys who were hilarious!! We actually had THE most amount of fun just sitting in McDonalds laughing and having a "bit of banter" with these guys as they told us all they knew about football and how they hated ozi rules (wooo so true its a bollox "sport"). One of the guys was a big Newcastle supporter and when i told him i lived just outside Newc in Middlesbrough he wouldn't shut up about "do you know this player" "have you been to many matches" "do you see them much" "do you know mark Viduka" etc etc etc lol. Was sooooooo much fun though and despite telling them my real name i was to them now just "middlesbrough" although they had issues saying it properly and insisted on pronouncing "boro" very prominently. There was a crazy guy sitting just across from all of us too who had something in his hand which we all thought was a bird and when one of the guys went over to feed it a chip the old crazy dude started laughing and opened his hand to reveal a hankerchief. Bare in mind this crazy dude was dressed like a sailor, complete with hat! and had NO teeth and very small kind of slitty was just hilarious because he started making bird noises and laughing and joking with us and generally just being mental but funny. He then got out the oldest and biggest cassette player and pretended it was a walki talki or phone or something and started frantically trying to tap numbers into it and talking into it. At this point we could barely move or breathe for laughing and the guys were practically in a laughing heap on the floor.

Anyway we left them to it eventually but seriously its amazing how much fun you can have just sitting randomly in a McDonalds with a coke lol i love the people you meet out here!

Hope england is sunny and warm, its not here! lol. Love you millions and miss you trillions!



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