Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Our rigs in Las Vegas had this plant between them - very...

Close up of the flowers

Leaving Las Vegas - YEP, Stark!

Still leaving Las Vegas -

Mojave Desert

and, more desert

OK, now, WHY Are We Here?

Well, here is that Raven, wanting his feather back from Ron


Yessiree - Mojave Desert AND Death Valley

The weird maintenance man and a weird cactus

I really miss our kitty-cats!

Outside the RV park

Windmills generating electricity

Desolate landscape

Another dino in the landscape

We stayed at Sierra Trails RV Park in Mojave. It looked rag-tag when we pulled in; however, the RV sites were lined with grassy areas and trees and lamp posts at every site. It really was very nice. It had grass, and it was green. The dogs were happy to see grass again after having their walks on rocks, gravel and sticker bushes at other camping sites.

We went to a small restaurant that was recommended by someone at the campground. It was in a converted Wendy's or Burger King. The food was all Mexican-flavor...and very good. It was so good, we decided to have breakfast there the next day before we pulled out.

For breakfast there was a chorizo burrito I had planned to order, but was told it was 2 lbs. Glad I decided not to - that is just too huge. David saw a man eating it at another table and asked him about it. The man said it really was very good. When he and the man he was with stood up, they both had guns and holsters openly displayed.....glad David played it straight with them and didn't try to clown around!

We hooked up and were sorry we didn't have time to explore the country side more. We set out for Three Rivers, California.

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