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After waking up at 5am on the 14th June for my 8am flight to New York I got the shuttle to LAX. After waiting for over an hour to check in, I was on my way to the gate 40mins before departure! I didn't have time to get food as they were boarding just as I got to the gate, so I jumped on the plane. Not literally. I walked onto the plane and hoped I'd be able to sleep on the 5hr35min journey.

Unfortunately sleep didn't happen, but I got to watch How I Met Your Mother, an episode of Cheers, an episode of the King of Queens and a film called The Astronaut Farmer. Upon arrival at JFK I was supposed to be met by a Camp America rep. Note the supposed to, after 50minutes no one had shown up, but a member of airport staff had told me that I could get the Airtrain to Terminal 4 and Camp America have a booth there, so I figured I'd go and find them. When I got to Terminal 4 however, no one was around, although someone informed they had seen the rep walking around earlier and they had a red shirt on. Helpful. Suddenly there were red shirts everywhere and no CA rep. My flight had landed at 4.45pm. At 6.30pm I had found the rep and was informed that she didn't know I was even arriving! So I'm glad I managed to find her, otherwise I'd probably have been left at the airport.

We had a 90minute bus journey to our hotel, the Ramada Inn. And I talked to some the girls in the queue with me when we were waiting for our room keys and dinner. The rooms were really nice, and it was quite strange to not be in a hostel after so long! I couldn't find anyone else going to my camp though, so I started to worry a bit.

This morning the bus was scheduled to pick us up at 10.30am, but arrived at 11am to take us to either Port Authority bus station or Grand Central. I was going to Port Authority, and luckily had found one other girl coming to Camp Sun N Fun. When we got off the bus, we met the 3rd girl coming to our camp so we went and bought our Greyhound tickets and waited for the 1pm bus to Mt.Laurel in New Jersey. All 3 of us are from the UK, and Karen, the first girl I met is actually from Essex! Avril is from Scotland.

The bus journey to Mt.Laurel was fairly boring, about 1 hour 40 minutes, and we all slept for some of it. Arriving at Mt.Laurel we had to wait for Amy to pick us up, she arrived about 10minutes after us and took us back to the camp.

The camp itself is 2 miles from the nearest town, Williamstown, but thankfully it's not in the middle of nowhere like I had expected it to be.

It's quite a small camp, with 10 cabins, 9 for the campers and staff to sleep in, and the 10th is our staff room. There is a pool, nature area, arts and crafts building, pavillion, dining hall and kitchen, basketball court, volleyball area and campfire area. There will only be about 20 camp counsellors and we are all international this year. There were already 5 others at the camp before me, Karen and Avril arrived. One girl from France, 2 from the Czech Republic, 1 from New Zealand and a guy from Poland. Another girl arrived later, who is from Holland. It seems that girls will outnumber boys on the camp staff this year, there only seem to be 3 boys names on the post trays!

In the late afternoon, we helped start to start tidying the arts and crafts building ready for when the first set of campers arrive on Monday 25th. Next week, from the 18th-22nd is staff training and by Wednesday all the staff should have arrived at the camp.

The accommodation is fairly basic, and the staff will have to have the top bunks in the cabins so at the moment I am enjoying having a bottom bunk! But the beds are fairly comfortable, at least compared to some of the hostel beds I've had over the last 9months!

I'll be trying to update this maybe once a week, depending on when my free time is and if I can fight my way onto the computer.

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