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Decided one day in Uruguay wasn't really enough and didn't want to head back to BA just yet so decided to check out the capital city and took a bus over to Montevideo. It's pretty small in comparison to most other south american cities and had a pretty chilled out vibe, with hardly any other tourists which was nice! I spent most the day just walking around and browsing in the shops, wishing i could buy bagfulls of cheap clothes! I walked all around the beaches and port trying to book my boat ticket out for the next day, but the whole place was deserted - and when 3 people, one of which was a policeman told me to be careful, i decided it was probably time to head back to the hostel and try again the next day! So spent one night in a much nicer hostel this time - was full of other travellers and we had a few Uruguayan beers and chivitos for dinner...

So back to BA tomorrow for one more night out before heading to Brasil and the sun! I like Uruguay but would only come back in the summer - is supposed to have some lovely beaches too, but just far too freezing at the mo to contemplate!

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