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On guard duty

Taba Marina

Aqaba to Taba, Egypt

Taba is 15 nautical miles from Aqaba, Jordan. We "cleared" into Egypt at Taba. That means we sail into port posting the yellow Q(quarantine) flag to indicate that we will need to clear customs and get visas etc. Depending on the port this can be an interesting or frustrating event. We also post the flag of the country we are visiting. After we have our visas and have cleared customs the yellow flag comes down.

The marina at Taba only had about 10 boats and they were all boats based in Taba for tourism. The port had immigration for people coming by ferry from Aqaba but for some reason we could not be processed the same way. The first thing they asked us was where was our luggage? Lars had to explain that we did not have any...we were on the boat and that was out home!

After much confusion we got the visas.

Taba is a resort town. There are 5 huge hotels and they all looked great. They all have beach and coral and several swimming pools each. The oldest hotel is 7 years old and the youngest is 10 months old. At this time of year it is pretty empty but they told us it gets very busy in a few more weeks. I would think it would be a great place for a week's R&R as you could go to Mt Sinai from here as well as diving or snorkeling. I though it was much more luxurious than Paphos. We walked through the Hyatt and we all thought it was one of the nicest hotels we had ever been in.

The temperature is pretty hot now and I guess it will remain that way for the rest of the trip! And quite windy! With the wind comes the sand that also creates a haze in the sky.

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