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Monday June 4

What a week! We left the Dallas area on the first leg of our trip up to Cleveland for Tom's appointment on June 25. On Monday we drove to Arkadelphia, Arkansas with no problem and just stayed overnight.

Tuesday we drove to the Southwest side of Memphis to be near Graceland. That evening we went out to eat and had a very good dinner at Olive Garden. Later that evening Tom found a small lump near or attached to one of his testicles (sorry to get so personal, but we couldn't think of a gracious way to say it). Needless to say, we were very concerned. The next morning Tom called the Cleveland Clinic. They suggested that he get there as quickly as possible and made an appointment for him to have an ultrasound on Friday.

So on Wednesday morning, instead of going sightseeing at Graceland, we packed up to drive to Cleveland. We had to call several friends and relatives to say that we were passing them by. Obviously they understood the urgency. On Wednesday and Thursday we drove 710 miles, which was higher than our daily average of 250 miles, but we did it safely. We arrived here at Elyria, OH, about 30 miles SW of Cleveland. It was good to be here with no immediate plans to travel after having driven over 1,100 miles in four days.

The ultrasound showed that the lump was caused by an infection that was located in the epididymis, one of the tubes in the reproductive system. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for four weeks. We will return to Cleveland in five weeks for another ultrasound to make sure that the infection is gone. At that time, if the infection is gone, Tom will also have his second biopsy on the prostate. How is that for a day to anticipate.  While we were in Elyria, Tom managed to fix the washing machine, so it's goodbye to the Laundromat for now!

We left Elyria on Monday morning, June 11 returning to Cincinnati to get our teeth cleaned since we had missed that on our way up. Whenever we visit Cincinnati, we try to stay in the FMCA campground. FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) is one of the clubs we belong to. Besides producing a great monthly magazine, they support RVers with various programs. They also have a very good mail forwarding service that many RVers use. They allow members to camp in their campground for 2 days each month.

Our first evening there, Tom's brother Bob came over, and we went out to eat (Gail's kitchen was closed.) at Texas Roadhouse. We always enjoy visiting with Bob. After our dentist appointments on Tuesday, we pretty much kicked back the rest of the day. We haven't had very many days lately when we could just relax, so we took advantage of it when we could.

On Wednesday morning we left Cincinnati to go to Lexington, another stop we had missed on our rush to Cleveland. Gail's brother, Wally, and his wife Karen live there, and we had had our mail sent there before we knew we wouldn't be able to stop. This is not only last week's mail, but mail from several weeks ago that we had forgotten to pick up while we were in San Antonio. Neither of us remembered it, and the only reason we found it is that Gail had ordered a pair of shoes that never came. While we were on vacation in SC, we were able to locate them in TX with the rest of our forgotten mail and have them returned to our mail forwarding service, who then sent them on to us.

Until next time,

Gail and Tom

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