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Yup in Melbourne still and still working for the uni- they are keeping me on until the tuesday before i fly to New Zealand yeeeeyyyy! They asked me to stay longer but obviously because of commitments to Jay and Vic couldn't really extend stay here.

Loving Melbourne- not as much as sydney but still its pretty god damn cool! Still meeting the most amount of lovely people and each week changes- despite me working in the same place. We have a lovely little girly group which makes a change from all the guys i've been travelling with (not that i'd swap them for the world =D). Vic and our two room mates who are from New Zealand spend many a night sitting chatting away and as we all work when we get back it feels like your walking in to a little family its very homely! We've also met a lovely english girl called Rosie who is a crazy lady but just adorable!! We said bye to three of our friends yesterday- canadian Mylis who lives in Vancouver and has very nicely said i could go stay with her when i finally make it over to canada and Ben and Merrick from England who decided to go get work in Brisbane booooo. One of their friends from home Lloydy is staying in Melbourne and is thinking about joining us in new zealand for a few days i think which should be cool!!

We met a guy and a girl from canada the other week and decided a trip to the casino would be a good idea =S. Needless to say we were in there about 10 minutes before this poor canadian guy lost about 100 dollars i lost one dollar on the slot machine lol and we all retreated quite quickly from the casino! However Vic and i have taken to going to the casino quite a bit just to walk around as it is huuuuuuuugggggggeeeeeeeeee it has a shops in it and millions and millions of restaurants music stores, and disney stores and clothes stuff and a huuuggeee cinema oh and the casino! Vic now works in one of the posh restaurants at the casino but really makes me realize how poo it can be to work in hospitality sometimes!! Its tightass tuesday at the cinemas every tuesday too and tickets are half price to we went to see shrek last night which was hilllarrriooouss!! I loved it!! But then you all know i would lol.

We've become frequents to the drag queen night and now recognise the "guys" around the hostel and have little chats with them but oh my lord they aint half bitches lol- funny tho!

Looking forward to new zealand as always but will be sad yet again to leave melbourne as when you stay in a place this long it really does start to become to feel like home and it doesn't get any easier saying bye to friends! BUT will be glad to start moving again and see Jay.

Hope summer is treating you all well =D

Love n hugz



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