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New Years Eve an Kancil (Nigel's a happy looking soul, eh!)

Hey, I still look quite brown on this - it's not true!!!!

The entrance hall at Kancil

The only coo's I;ve seen here so far!

Town Square

Perty flowers

Melaka or Amsterdam???

A different view of Town Square

The lounge at the Hostel

Not bad for the price eh!

Mon 27/12 Hot

Shit - over 12,000 dead in the earthquake/tsunami - changes my route plans somewhat!!! I'm still going to Malaysia today, to Melaka, but will not now go to Penang for NYE, which was pretty much the plan! Thanks for the texts during the night guys... the Japanese guy I was sharing a room with actually laughed when the 5th one came through at 6am!!!

On the road at 10am, I'll be glad when today is over, a lot of humping bags to be done I think! Took 2 hrs, and 3 on and off buses to get out of Singapore n in to Malaysia, and then to Johor Bahru bus station - to find it was 2.5hrs till the next bus to Melaka... the bus was an hour late, and then a 3hr journey to Melaka.... Still 8hrs time difference, Rm7 (Ringgit to the GBP1)

Arrived in Melaka (Malacca) at 7pm.. I'm quite surprised at Malaysia, the trip was up a dual carriageway, which puts the roads in the US to shame, lots of rainforest, with mountains and hills in the background.... I hadn't expected it to be so green!

Melaka seems a lovely city, although the 1st thing I saw was a bloody Mc Donalds!!! and there's a huge Tesco's at the bus station... It seems a lovely city, with lovely big houses - quite meditteranean (spelling??!) looking...

I met a guy on the bus whose nephe w runs a backpackers place, so ended up there, it's reall nice, wonderful decor (mind you the walls don't meet the ceiling in the rooms), for the princely sum of Rm18 a night!!!

It's now 8.40pm, and I'm on my 1st beer of the day - I can't believe it's taken 10.5hrs to go about 260km!!

God I knew this was going to get more difficult...there aren't many speak english here, and they are not the most co-operative at trying!! Went to a little cafe jobby opposite the Hostel for beer -- 660ml bottle Rm12.50, not cheap, but I only had 2 , so that was fine.... then went to a hwaker stall for tea, after a lot of hard work and a totally wrong order being brought, I finally got my Nasi Goreng and fresh OJ - princely sum of Rm4!!

Tues 28/12 Warm, cloudy n humid

Went out to explore this morning, Melaka is a historic city, where you're supposed to find the 'soul of Malaysia' (one of the premier tourist destinatins) - if truth be told - there aint actually a lot here! There's a very pretty Town Square (also known as Dutch Square - they ruled for 150 years in the 1600's),,, there's a huge modern shopping centre, with McD's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Body Shop etc etc... there's a tiny Little india, there's a Chinatown.......

Then logged on to E-Mail - 15 messages from around the globe... big thanks to you all for being so concerned for my safety ..... I was very touched!!

Went and had Xmas Lunch (!?!) at a place in the shopping centre ... Roast Chicken with 3 side dishes - there were only 2 that fit a roast - smash n gravy, corn and carrots, so for the 3rs I prdered a side salad, not realising that they would put that under gravy too!! Oh weel, it tasted good, but I'm glad I didn't go for the coleslaw!

Came back to the Hostel this afty, and sat and chilled in the wonderful garden - DDaud who runs the place went and got me some 'Three Legs Cooling Water' to cure the bloody awful tickle cough I've got at the moment, which he reckons is from too much air con in Singapore, which actually does make sense.

Couple of beers, and then MSN to Vince, but they dont have MSN here, only Yahoo, so we sprent 1.5hrs trying to get it all sorted, and then chatted for about 15mins!!! Bloody computers - who needs em!

Stayed up till late chatting to Daud and his uncle Nor, they really are sweet people!! Then Daud came to give me some Vic to put on so that I can breathe better, now the water has released all the badness inside!!!!

Wed 29/12 Rain!!!!

Ok, today shall be plannin day! Sri Lanka is definitely a no go, so I now have 15 weeks to do Thailand, Cambodia, Laos n Vietm\nam.... spent the morning planning,a nd realised I would have been seriously short of time had it not been for the change of plan!!

Went into town for lunch, ignoring Fatima & Daud's invitations to stay and eat with them....

Did cross stitch this afty - NEARLY finished!!!

A girl arrived this afty who has flown in from Bangkok today, she says the airport is chaos, with tourists trying to fly home with no tickets, passport or money.... but the embassies and airlines are being great.

Langkawi is apparently now reopen for business, I'm pretty sure {Penang is the same, but I'm not going now... Ko Phi Phi is totally destroyed, there are only 2 resort hotels left standing, and Khao Lak is fairly similar I understand.

I must admit, the more I hear and read, the more gutted I am, not for my trip, but because I'm heading up into all the devastation, and I'm sure I will be meeting a lot of peple who have been affected by it al...

I've just been talking to a Sri Lankan guy who lives here - he had a telegrm yesterday to say 2 cousins are dead, and a 3rd is still missing..... what do you say???? He was very matter of fact, it's the course of nature n all that, but it just shows how far behin these countries are....

The other thing thats big news is that they think all the disease (malaria etc) may kill as many again, because of the standing water, lack of sanitation etc... all cheery stuff eh!

Meanwhile, I sit safe and happy in my little have in Melaka bein pampered by Fatima and Daud, who seem to have adopted me, even though we're the same age.... loads of food, good music, tranquil atmosphere..... hey, I''m staying put for a few days!!! (Paul Young... Wherever I lay my hat and all that!!) I think I'll go to Kuala Lumpur on 2nd Jan, sort out my flights (bugger - act of God - no insurance against that one!), and mosey up to Thailand about 5th Jan.............. right later amigos!!! xxxx

Thurs 30/12 Rain

Didn't wake up till 9.15am - no idea why!! Think it's because there's no window in the room, so you have no idea what time it is!

Did some cross stitch, chatted to Nigel & Anita, an engish couple who arrived yesterday, who are quite good fun, even if they look a bot prudish! They've been away 2..5yrs... mainly in Oz... they were twlling me some interesting stories about their travels through Borneo and China.

Went out for lunch, did a bit of shopping (beer n food), and headed back to the Hostel.. I'm being soooo lazy here, it's great!!

More cross stictch, chatted to Vince on Mgr, chilled evening....

An interesting article in the papaer re Sri Lanka - apparently they've found no animal bodies, so they think that 6th sense had made them all go inland...

Fri 31/12 Rain

HOORAH!!!! FINISHED MY CROSS STITCH!!! only taken 6 months!!

Nothing to report from day time... Started new cross stitch, watched Fatima cook for tonight, and lazed!!

Tonight there was Fatima & Daud, moi, Nigel & Anita, Jan (German), and Lieve & Gherard (Belgian), and about 6 of F&D's friends.... the food was great, especially the spring rolls!!! Drank lot sof Tiger - all the 'official' celebrations here haev been cancelled by order of the government because of the Tsunami, but there was a 'sort of' countdown on the raido at midnight, and a few local fireworks. Got to bed at 2am..... early!!! Far too much to drink as per usual - no fancy dress to sort out, which was quite nice for a change!

Sat 1/1 Rain

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Thanks for the texts at UK midnight those that sent them!!! Just what you want at 8am on New Years Day!!!! Ugh bad head!!! Nothing new there then for NYD!

Slept till 10am, did cross stitch till 4pm - god that was hard work!!! Fatima made me lunch, which meant I didn't actually have to move off my seat!!

Rand Ma & PA, did the New Year thing, and home by 5pm!!! Head OK now, had toast and Laughing Cow for tea, scrummy!!! Fatima & Daud went out for dinner tomight & left me in charge - a bit scary with a whole 10 residents!!!! - I'm FAR too comfy here!

Sun 2/1 Cloud/Rain

Exciting day today, I got a very very rickety bus to the bus station (I thought the windows were going to fall out!!) to look at how many buses go to KL - pretty constant, so didn't have to make a decision, and book a ticket!!

Did some cross stitch, and that's about it folks!! Sorry it's crap reading at the mo, but I'm in 'stop n chill' mode....... promise I'll move tomorrow, or the next day......... xx

Rest of the pikkies for Singapore, and the few for here are now on....

Mon 3/1 Sunny - Hoorah!

Had a wander round town, went for a curry, but it was too hot to contemplate it! So, had a very cardboard sandwich instead.... just sat around chatting in the afty and evening, there's a really good crowd here at the moment..Fatima and Daud went out & left me in charge again!!!

Tues 4/1 Sunny

Another lazy day!! Managed to lose a contact lens, but went and bought 3 months supply for GBP15, which is much cheaper than home! Actually packed my bag - going to leave tomorrow!!!

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