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Well, after leaving San Antonio on the 6th June and flying into Orange County I returned to Hollywood for 2 nights. On the 7th I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard to get to the bus stop and I noticed they were laying the red carpet! I found a security man as I wanted to know who would be coming to the Kodak Theatre. I was told it was for Al Pacino as he was receiving a lifetime achievement award or something.

I then went for a walk in Beverly Hills as it was a nice day and I had seen there was a nice roadside park whilst I'd been on the bus to Santa Monica the week before. True to form for my experiences in the US, the bus driver ignored my request to stop when I pulled the cord, so after pulling the cord about 3 more times in 15 minutes I decided to go and ask him why he had passed the last few stops even though I'd requested to get off. He looked up at his electronic board and saw that the 'Stop requested' signal was indeed flashing and let me off the bus there, without so much as an apology! He seemed to think I'd been lying about pulling the cord though, even though when you pull it a recorded voice actually says 'Stop requested'. So he must have been daydreaming. Anyway, I had a lovely walk through the park, not seeing any celebrities and feeling jealous about the huge houses that you can see lining the roads! Still, despite the annoying bus driver I had a good day.

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