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The Alamo


With a real sheriff


Along the riverwalk

Mission Concepcion



Small gardens at the Concepcion

Mission San Jose


Mission San Juan


Mission Espada

Today we went to downtown San Antonio. Heidi and John took me to see the Alamo and go for a walk along the riverwalk. The Alamo is probably the most famous mission in Texas where there was a huge war between the Mexicans and Americans for Texas. We then walked along the Riverwalk, which was really nice, especially as it wasn't too hot yet.

The rest of the afternoon we drove along the Mission Trail to see the other missions of San Antonio - Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan and Mission Espada.

Mission Concepcion is the most untouched and original mission, whereas San Jose is bigger but has had more restoration work done to it. The architecture of the buildings is amazing, with beautiful carvings and paintings. San Juan was a lot smaller than the previous ones and we were running out of time so didn't get long to look around. The final mission, Espada we only got to drive past and take a few photos as the gates were shut by the time we got there.

It was an excellent day, and nice to see some of the history behind the state of Texas. I don't think there will be many historical sites in America to be fair.

Quite a long day, but an excellent way to spend my last day in San Antonio.

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