Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

St. Micheals fountain

old government building

Notre Dame in the background

The Seinne river

Pont Neuf Bridge

More St. Micheals fountain

the faces of the Pont Neuf

entering into the Louvre from the back

the courtyard at the Louvre

pyramid in the distance

the pyramid

an interesting art thing at the palace

a bum fishing for money haha

pretty fountain

maincured trees

a fountain

the worlds largest roundabout

the obelisk

the eiffel first glimpse at it

another fountain

close up of obelisk

view down Champs Elysee

and a better view

grand palace

small palace

another view of the grand palace

Napolean is buried in that building

the arc de triomphe

there it is

inside the arch

lookin up

tomb of the unknown soldier



Jim Morrison's grave

closer up

worn grave

Woke up early and had breakfast with Mary and July before I headed out to my free walking tour of Paris. The meeting point is at St. Micheals fountain. The tour ended up being mostly canadians. I learned a ton of new information about frenh history. Our tour guide was american though.

Walked past the Notre Dame, Pont Neuf, the Louvre, Arc de Triomph Carousel, Opera Garnier, Palais Royal, Eiffel tower, the obelisk, Champs Elyesee, small and grande palaces and the Arc de Triomph.

Seeing the big pyramid at the Louvre was really amazing. After reading all about it and seeing it in the Da Vinci be standing infront of it myself, wow! We did have a bit of a lunch break as the tour is close to 4 hours long. We only saw the eiffel tower from a distance but still amazing!!!

After the tour I walked all the way up Champs Elysee and looked at all the shops, stopping in a few. Got right down to the end and looked around at the Arc de Triumph. Took loads of pictures. I decided not to climb to the top seeing as it was quite expensive. Caught a metro over to the cemetery where Jim Morrison and tons of other famous people are buried. Took me a while but I found Jim Morrison's grave. The cemetery is massive.

His headstone is a lot smaller then i was expecting and they had a gate up infront of it and a security guard there. It was interesting to see. A few other people were also there. Headed back to the hostel after a really long day of lots of walking!

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