Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

The beach we went surfing at

the waves crashing

other people out learning to surf

Wish i could live there

Donegal castle

The river running through Donegal town

a coastal town


moo moos

Irish highways

hills and ocean

oh the joy on my face

This is what Donegal is all about

gorgeous beaches

i love this county

cute houses

Me and Leahanne



parade we got stuck behind

more parade

purty purty

We got a really awesome Irish breakfast at the B and B before heading out. We drove out to the beach we surfed at so we could take pictures of it. We decided to drive the coast of Donegal to get to Letterkenney. It was beautiful! The scenery up here is amazing. We stopped plenty of times for photo breaks.

We got into Letterkenny which turns out to be quite a big city but Leahanne and Aida failed to get the address of the hostel haha. So we called information and found it but it didn't even look open and no one was there. We decided not to stay in Letterkenny since we didn't leave a credit card number so we drove down to Donegal town and found the hostel there which turned out to be really nice.

We grabbed some groceries and some alcohol and made dinner back at the hostel and met a really nice german lady. We ended up just staying in at the hostel and talking all night. Our bodies were so sore from the surfing still.

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