Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

the beautiful Donegal sunset

I love the ocean!

The cute town of Bundoran

rainbow coloured houses

I love Donegal so much

our cute little rental car

me on our night out

Leahanne and Aina

Got myself back out to the airport to meet up with Leahanne and Aina (Finnish girl)as we rented a car from there to drive out to Donegal. We signed up for surfing lessons up there for the afternoon. So Leahanne drove, I was the map navigator because Irish roads are ridiculous and Aina hung out in the back.

Got to drive through parts of Northern Ireland again to get to Donegal. We got to Bundoran and found our B and B right away since it's not a big town. Dropped our stuff off and quickly got changed into our bathing suits. The surfing place was only a few doors down so we walked down there and got full wet suits and boots. They drove us down to a cove and gave us a foamy board. I didn't realize how massive the boards are!!!

They were kinda heavy too but we had to carry our own down there. We practiced popping up onto our boards on the sand. It's not as easy as they make it look!! It was cloudy and rainy but off we went into the cold cold ocean. Our instructor was a very cute irish guy so we had fun with that haha but then we got to stay in the water longer and we got new instructors who actually knew how to teach us haha. I actually rode a few waves then...from my knees :) Better then nothing. It was really hard!!!

Had a shower after surfing to warm up and then headed to a pub for dinner. Mmm I had my first bulmers again in 3 months. Oh how I missed it! So good. We decided to drive to ballyshannon the bigger town just down the road as we heard there was a music festival going on there. But by the time we got there everyone, the whole town was drunk haha. It was bad music being played and everyone looked about 14 and drunk haha. So we headed back to our town Bundoran and found a pub there that filled up by the end of the night.

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