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Mt Tongariro early morning

Becky at the start of the walk


Mountain stream

The views

Becky on the bridge

Chris crossing the stream

Mt Ruapehu


Mt Tongariro at midday

Lower Lake Tama

Chris cooking lunch

On top of the world...

Upper Lake Tama


Lower Tama Lake & Mt Ruapehu

Becky on a rock

Mountain grasshopper

Chris resting on the walk back

Taranaki Falls

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The mountain river

Mt Tongariro in late afternoon

Grand Chateau Hotel

The road continued around the lakes taking us to Tongariro National Park which is home to three volcanic mountains, some of which are still active or dormant. It has plenty of mountain walks for the summer and is a ski resort in the winter. After doing some research, we had decided to do the Tongariro crossing which is a 7-8 hour walk and which takes through several craters and passes the lake. We got up early for this but were told that it wasn't operating due to 100km winds on the mountain. As There were plenty of other walks, we decided on a 6 hour, 17km trek to Tama Lakes. We set off at about 10am and the journey began through forests and over a stream. The morning was so windy but luckily calmed day throughout the day and ended in sunshine. The volcanic landscape was pretty rocky and rugged with mountain bush and a moss land. The track is set out by posts which you follow and which guides you through the hills and all the time, Mt Tongariro was getting closer in the background. We were then confronted with Tama Lakes which had strikingly blue waters and which was positioned in between the mountain range, a real beautiful sight. We stopped there for lunch which was honey soy chicken and rice, impressive eh! Well, it was only a packet meal but tasted good. We continued getting as close to the volcano as we could and the views were fantastic. We got back to the van dragging our sore blistered feet and walking pigeon toed, not helped of course by the fact that we were both wearing new tramping trainers - which wasn't very clever!

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