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Lars outside one of the Tea Houses

At the top with a rented blanket



Group of Japanese tourists

Camel parking lot!

Looking up at Mount Sinai

Inside Saint Katherine's

Mount Sinai and St Katherine Monastery June 3-4th

Our trip to Mount Sinai started at 10pm at night, traveling through the stark desert under a full moon to St Katherine's Monastery (Greek Orthodox) which is at the base of Mount Sinai. Another dreadful driver who drove too fast! There were several security check points on the way at which we had to produce our passports. About 2:00am we set out with a Bedouin guide to climb the 2285 metre mountain. It took about two hours to reach the summit with a break or two at little tea houses on route where you can get a drink or snack. You could also rent a camel to take you up most of the way until the 700 steps at the end. There was another way up with 3000 steps!

We went with a small group of seven. There was an American couple from Texas who I don't think had any idea what was involved and wanted to turn around after about ten minutes of walking. They finally rode camels up which I thought looked like fun.

Mt Sinai is revered by Christians, Muslims and Jews, all of whom believe that God delivered his Ten Commandments to Moses from its summit.

Sunrise was dramatic...see photos......there were about 500 people up there so not exactly a private experience! See the Japanese group photo!

Also visited St Katherine's on the way back and saw the burning wasn't burning but they do claim it did!

Made it back to Sharm el Sheikh by about 2:30 pm. We all slept well that night.

Up early to sail to Aqaba, Jordon

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