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Christmas Brunch

Christmas Eve Dinner with Elliott and Cathy

After a day in the port city of Valpariaso, we enjoyed Christmas Day in 80 degrees by lounging at the pool and having brunch at "Starlight Coffee" (do not tell Starbucks).

Christmas greetings to our family and friends! We miss you all.

A small world story you may enjoy...at the beginning of our Antarctica travels, we met a really interesting couple, Elliott and Cathy. Well, it turns out that we had met them before, and on multiple occasions -- they are from Saratago Springs, NY (Eric´s hometown) and are family friends with Ed Powers (Eric´s step-dad) and even more so with Janet, Ed´s niece. So we have met them at various family functions over the past 10 or so years. Small world? We think so. We truly enjoyed our time with Elliott and Cathy, including Christmas Eve dinner in Santiago.

Elliott and Cathy have been doing some world travels as well, and have a blog that they have kindly offered to link to from here...they have video clips from Antarctica, which are really fabulous: www.elliottmasie.com

We spent a few days doing more exploring in Santiago, including beautiful parks and museums. Two of our favorite museums were The Museo de la Nacion, which included recent history and politics of Allende's and Pinochet's regimes, and the well designed and fascinating Museum of PreColumbian Art.

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