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Well i haven't been updating this because i haven't been up to all that much! After the great Ocean Road and neighbours fun i had to start about getting a job and so pretty much thats how my days were spent. Im now working at Melbourne University (woohoo back to uni) in the finance department doing admin stuff which pays really well and i work with really cool people so im a happy bunny rabbit!!

I leave here in 2 weeks as it is only a 4 week contract but i hope that they may keep me on one extra week so that i then only have 5days to scimp and save before flying to New Zealand which is sooooooooooooo exciting!! ANYWAY we have managed to fit in yet another neighbours night in between which, if possible, was even more fun that the first one!! I was randomly wandering through the bar of my hostel one thursday night when i quite literally bumped into Toadie from neighbours, my room mate and I got chatting away to him and discovered he was running a new Neighbours thing as the other one he (and the rest of the cast) saw as a rip off. Anyway when he told us that Paul Robinson was there we were pretty much sold and couldn't resist a visit! It was once again so much fun and we met a random Manchester guy there called Joe who was just adorable! As one of our friends from Sydney has been in melbourne for 2 weeks too she came with us and so did one of my work mates. Surprise surprise the night was filled with classic "ooo look at me and the neighbours stars" photos and muchos wine, i think about 4-5 bottles between four of us at least and by some miracle steph paid for half of one! We were chatting away to all the cast which included fraser, Janae timmins, Elle Robinson who is insanely pretty!!! and of course legend that is Paul Robinson! They were all so lovely and really gave you time to chat and autograph for the geeks within us all lol.

Grace proceeded to get very drunk and fall asleep on the table hehe at which point one of the bar men came over to check she was ok and to invite us to a club. After much random banter with him for what felt like ages we managed to explain that i had work the next day and grace was errrr in no fit state lol. But we have decided to go back there on friday night and have now doubled the amount of ozi's we have met in oz woooooo lol.

I am now at work on my lunch and have completely run out of time edit this again later =D



Yey! Its Friday!! So apart from the neighbours nights and working news is slim. We went to the hostel bar last night as it was "ladies night" and there was a drag show on, honestly wait till i get THOSE pics up lol hilarious!! There was free "champagne" from 8-9 for all the girls so we got a wee bit tiddly but seeing as i had to be up for work today i couldn't take full advantage boooo. We are going out in the city tonight and to a random bar that is tennis themed and apparently everyone is dressed in white tennis skirts that works there, even the guys (although im assuming this does not include the bouncers- but if it does il take the most amount of photos lol). Still finding it very strange that french is already home, we spent so long planning this its like he should come back lol. ANYWAY that about it, cant wait to go to new zealand yeeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!



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