Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Linda and Connie-dressed alike (looks as if we called each other 'before...

David and his side-kick, waiting for us to get ready to leave

The Continental Divide

sign of Pinos Altos

Pinos Altos, Town Hall, Vol. F.D. and snow plow

Some of the better housing in Pinos Altos

Skulls are popular driveway markers -

Pinos Altos' cemetary

New Mexico, U S A

Silver City below

He wasn't sure we were even worth a bark -

Tyler - always 'On Guard' when we go exploring

On this day, we just took off and drove. David and Ron got 'cowboy' hats, with fancy hatbands. We then took off exploring - crossed the Continental Divide twice. The Continental Divide is at an altitude of 6,230 feet.

We went through the town of Pinos Altos which was once the Grant County seat. The town was established in 1859 by a group of forty-niners drifting home from California. They discovered gold in Pinos Altos (Tall Pines) aarea.The town survived early Apache attacks and produced over $8,000,000.00 in gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc before the mines played out in the 20th century.

We saw a combination Town Hall and Vol. Fire Dept, with a snow plow parked on the side. David was a little undone the fire trucks were fairly new, and not "OLD".

There was a ramshackled building that was reputed to have been occupied by Judge Roy Bean at one time. in 1868 Samuel G and (Judge) Roy Bean were dealers in merchandise and liquors. The Judge is a hero of Ron's, and he said he doubted the claim the Judge had even been there. However, on the SE corner Main Street the store (falling down) was operated by (Judge) Roy Bean and his brother Samuel in the late 1860s according to the historical information provided. During the time in 1868 the Pinos Altos Co. was incorporated and had 600-700 inhabitants, 2 stamp mills, three furnaces for smelting, 2 hotels, several stores and 7 saloons. The number of saloons later increased.

The adobe Methodist-Episcopal church was built with Hearst money in 1898 in Pinos Altos. The Pinos Altos Museaum is housed in a log cabin that was Grant County's first private school house, built around 1866.

There was housing with tumble down wagons in the front yard, weed filled cemetary, big ol' boys sittin' on a front porch just watching the traffic (us - as we were the only car within many, many miles). There was a driveway marked with cow skulls.

We saw horses, beautiful scenery, lots of dead end roads, roads that David drove down and completely upset Connie. He kept telling her, "It's a Jeep!", and she kept telling him to stay on the road, slow down, don't go over there, etc. We saw some disgruntled looking dogs - they couldn't make up their minds whether we were even worth barking about.

It was really a trip back in time!

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