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On the morning of the 24th I woke up in my hostel in Hawaii at 6am. This was not a good thing, as my flight left at 7.30am. So this meant not only had I not heard my alarm and missed my shuttle bus, but I was most likely going to be late. After lots of panicking and waking up a staff member to call me a taxi I was on my way to the airport. The driver kept telling me it would be ok. But I wouldn't believe it until I was there. The one good thing about being late is that at least I didn't have to queue to check in! Once I'd checked in, I started to calm down, they wouldn't let the plane leave without me now. Although I still couldn't relax once I was sitting in my seat!

By the time I arrived in LA I was ok though. The flight was 5 hours 15 minutes, so I got to LA in the late afternoon and got the shuttle to my hostel, right on the Walk of Fame and opposite Kodak Theatre where the Oscars are held. My first afternoon was spent walking along the walk of fame trying to find all the stars I could. Some are actually on there twice, like Michael Jackson, Alfred Hitchcock and some others that now escape me. There are a lot of names I don't recognise, but then also some that are quite strange (or so I think) to be on the Walk of Fame, like the Rugrats! Weird. Still, it's got to be the only place in the world where it's acceptable to stop in the middle of the pavement to take a photograph of the ground!

One of the cinemas was showing the premiere of Pirates of the Carribean 3 midnight, I figured I wouldn't be able to get a ticket for that night, but would enquire about when there were spare tickets. I was informed that there were no seats until 3am on Saturday night! Then someone told me there was a lady selling tickets for the premiere that night, so I asked her how much and she said $10!!! Which is actually $4 cheaper than the cinema itself! Needless to say, I handed over the money, quickly dashed to shower and change at the hostel and made it back to the queue for 11pm.

The premiere was awesome, 2 cast members were there, the guy who plays Marty, the little pirate and then one of the Singapore pirates from the 3rd film. They gave out prizes, but unfortunately I didn't win. The prizes included an electric guitar, 2 tickets to Disneyland for the new PoTC ride there and also film memorabilia like a book about all 3 films. The actual cinema itself was amazing, it's still set up like the original stage theatre it was, with the original wurlitzer organ being played as you enter the theatre, and the curtains. And the atmosphere was incredible, people were cheering at everything, when the curtain went up, when the film started, when each character made their first appearance, then finally when the credits rolled. It was amazing to be there with so many obvious fans of the film, with nearly everyone dressed as a pirate, or holding monkeys or parrots! and knowing all the little in jokes from the previous films. I was surprised I could stay awake until 3am to see it through, but it was definately worth the tiredness the next day. After the film we got to go downstairs in the theatre and see props and costumes from the film, which was cool. And finally we got a CD to test the new online game and a Captain Jack Sparrow headscarf! At 3.30am I managed to collapse into bed. An excellent way to start my time in Hollywood though.

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