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East Oahu coastline

From Here to Eternity Beach


Rabbit Island

Sea Turtle!!!

Research submarine






Ulupo Heiau (ancient Hawaiian temple site)

Taro plant

Del Monte pineapple plantation

Sherelle and I with our (small) shave ice desserts!

More sea turtles!

LOST is filmed very near here


Sunset Beach



The trip that had been cancelled on Monday was running on the Wednesday, so I took advantage of the opportunity to see more of the island that tourists generally don't get to see.

First stop was at a blowhole, just past Hanauma Bay, which was pretty cool, the blowhole is right near the beach where a famous scene from 'From Here to Eternity' was shot, although I've never actually seen the film myself. Anyway, there were also turtles in the sea! (Aye, Sea Turtles! Hehe, that just had to be put in there).

We then drove along the east coast, stopping at several scenic lookouts, such as one with a view of Rabbit Island. Near here we stopped to see some of the submarines that are used for marine research for National Geographic etc. And again, there were sea turtles! Carrying on from here we drove through a town where you are only allowed to buy property if you are at least 75% Hawaiian and stopped to lie on a nearby beach. We didn't go in the water though as there were jellyfish around. The beach is one of the longest on the island, yet no tourists really go there as they don't know about it! So it was nice and quiet compared to Waikiki.

From here we drove along the Pali Highway, a famous highway on the island because of the spectacular views over Kailua to the ocean. We drove around Honolulu and Pearl Harbour and through old Pineapple plantations towards the North Shore. We stopped for dinner in a town called Hale'iwa, but as we weren't very hungry several of us just got a shave ice. Although unused to being in America, we asked for a small and it was still huge! Shave ice is basically ice covered in colourings of the flavours you ask for! I chose Lemon, Lime and Mango, it was really nice, but so filling. The e-numbers thankfully didn't turn me hyperactive.

After this we went to Lanikea beach, where, for the last time we saw...sea turtles! These were Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and are really big, and there were 4 of them lying on the beach. It was so cool. Although after a while they get a bit boring and you want them to start moving.

Our final stop was Sunset Beach, which although supposedly popular wasn't very busy and we settled down for drinks, fruit and games of frisbee before watching the sunset and trying to take some postcard camera shots!

We got back to the hostel around 9pm. Again very tired, but an excellent day, and at least I saw more of the island than most, although I didn't get to go to the big island to see the volcanoes.

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