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Sunset at Mission Beach

Our walking route, bay side in Mission Beach

Me, walking the beach on our one sunny day!

Our good friends, Brenda and Mick White

No, we haven't left yet ... at least not in the motorhome! Just a little pre-trip by car.

We spent the last 5 days at Mission Beach in San Diego. Since I absolutely LOVE the ocean, when Brenda and Mick said "why don't you go with us to the condo when we go in May," I didn't wait for my arm to be twisted!

'Course, we were all a little surprised when greeted by temps in the 60's, but hey -- the ocean awaited! When you're addicted to the sights and sounds of the ocean like I am, you have to overlook "June gloom" -- even if it is 2 weeks early! It just means walking at a faster clip to warm up ... and of course, more hot chocolate!

Brenda and Mick took Jim to Descanso the first day to show him their mountain cabin. I begged off, eager for a day to simply relax and enjoy the beach and a good book. (Only true friends understand such a request!) I curled up in front of the fireplace for awhile with hot chocolate and my book and then put on walking shoes for one of 3 walks.

Mission Beach (like everyone else) is on a mission: improvements to be bigger and better. Everywhere you look along the boardwalk the buildings are taller, larger, more elaborate and more expensive!

Tuesday we checked out the Viejo Outlet Mall with its rugged waterfalls, woodsy ambiance and piped-in Indian music. And yesterday we ambled through the Home Depot Expo to see high-end gadgets and appliances. Pretty cool! (I didn't know appliances existed that cost so much....)

Wednesday was great -- God sent sunshine and blue skies for the whole day! Great for pictures! But wouldn't you know, just when I wanted to take profile pictures at sunset, a mischievous line of cloud cover showed up. Where? You guessed it! Right across the face of the sun as it slowly crawled into the sea. (As you can see from the pictures above, we managed to get a little of the setting sun anyway.)

So now we are home. This short trip seemed to be good, not only for me, but for Jim. He's ready to "hit the road" in a couple of weeks. Though our plan had been to leave the first of June, it got shoved to mid-June in honor of rising gasoline prices. I know that doesn't make sense to anyone, but there's actually logic to it that is clear to Jim.

I am sending the Trip Journal now -- with the three entries I've written -- as a trial run. That way, if there are any problems, we can work them out before we leave. If you have any problems, suggestions, or know of others who want updates, let me know.

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