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Ala Wai canal

Hanauma Bay




I have to say, in terms of what we think of Hawaii, it doesn't really disappoint. There are beautiful sandy, palm tree lined beaches, blue skies and sunshine. Although today the sunshine was a little hidden behind the clouds.

I spent the last couple of days just wandering around Waikiki and lying on the beach. I did go for a walk by Ala Wai Canal which was built to drain the swamp that was previously Waikiki beach. I also went to Kapi O'lani gardens which were nice and relaxing.

Today I had a trip to Hanauma Bay to do snorkelling, as it's meant to be one of the best places in Hawaii, or at least on Oahu island. Despite it being slightly overcast, it was still a nice day on the beach. The coral wasn't as nice as it was in Fiji, but that's probably due to this area having been used as a fishing and recreational area for years before being declared a nature reserve. There were however, lots of colourful fish, including Christmas Wrasse, Convict Tang, surgeonfish of many types, butterfly fish and I even saw a Moray Eel!!

I was supposed to do an eco tour of the island, but it was cancelled, hopefully it will run on Wednesday though.

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