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Breakfast w/ our friend, Dave

Visiting Grace's Church

Beautiful Tree

Dinner at the FCC

City street in Soho






It was still raining when we woke up....and it kept raining. We began our day by meeting our friend, Dave, at his hotel. He had just arrived the day before and would be working in Hong Kong for two years. We went to a brunch place called the Flying Pan to munch on pancakes and talk about life in the city. Dave had lots of questions for Grace and he was excited to hear about the things that we had seen. He had some time to explore before he was scheduled to start an intensive Cantonese language course. We can't wait to hear about all of the adventures he's sure to have in the next few years!

After dropping Dave off at his hotel (so that he could sleep off his jetlag), we accompanied Grace to her church for the Sunday service. We were able to meet her pastor and many of the friends that she volunteers with. Several of the people in attendance were sharing testimonials during the service. It was really interesting to observe how much importance the parishoners (and Chinese culture, in general) place on the spirit world and the experiences that they and their families have had with it. We really enjoyed the music that day as Suhail (friend and Psalm's fiance) was leading the worship band.

After the service, we went to dinner with Psalm, Suhail, and his parents (whom Will has been staying with) at the Foreign Correspondent's Club (Suhail's father, Anil, is a television producer in Hong Kong). We enjoyed a plethora of indian food and decadent desserts while we discussed politics and summer plans. It was such a treat to spend the entire day with friends and family, especially since it was our last night in Hong Kong.

We said goodbye to the Stevens and Psalm and then walked through the Soho area to check out the nightlife and ride on "the Great Electric Ladder." There is an escalator that carries people over half a mile up the city slopes of Hong Kong island which was created about ten years ago to alleviate city traffic. Traffic is still a problem but the escalator was responsible for revitalizing the entire Soho and Boho areas. Stores, restaurants, and chic nightclubs sprang up all around the escalator creating one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city.

After playing on the escalator and taking in the buzzing nightlife of the city, we headed towards the harbor to take the Star Ferry across to Kowloon where we snapped some amazing night shots of the skyline before heading home. The glow of the skyline at night is really something to behold -- so modern and luminous on the horizon. It's such an unbelievable contrast to the Victorian brownstones and patriotic landmarks of Boston. We hope that it's a sight we won't soon forget as we've truly enjoyed every minute in this incredible city!

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