Visiting Grace in Hong Kong travel blog

Will & Grace in the MTR Station

View from the bus

Terraced Graveyard

City streets

Seafood restaurant in Stanley Bay

Hotel in Repulse Bay

Lunch at Stanley Bay

Palm Trees

Stanley Bay

Sailboats on the Bay

Shopping in Stanley Bay Market

Will playing the guitar

Ready for a sunny day at the beach, we jumped on a bus to Stanley Bay -- a beautiful harbor on the southern coast of Hong Kong island, known for it's white sand beaches and waterfront resorts and hotels. The bus ride was really fun as we climbed up and up into the hills of the island, passing enormous houses and luxury condos along the way. We sat in the front of the bus and every so often a tree branch or sprawling bush slapped the window in loud defiance to the barage of buses that rumbled up the mountain. It was easy to see that the city really had been carved out of the natural vegetation and you could imagine that if the buses stopped running for a week or so that the forests might just overgrow the narrow roads and take back their territory. We really enjoyed watching the changing scenery from our perch in the top of the bus.

We arrived at Stanley Bay and headed straight for a Spanish seafood restaurant overlooking the harbor. We had a nice relaxing lunch with Grace as we sat talking and watching the sailboats drifting by. Unfortuately, as we talked the afternoon away, the storm clouds slowly rolled in and just as we were about to head to the beach, it started pouring. We tried to wait it out by ducking into the Stanley Market shops and perusing the Chinese merchandise but the rain didn't seem to be dissipating anytime soon. We finally gave up and headed back to the buses. We decided to take a night off from sightseeing and just enjoy some good old American Pizza Hut and watch bad eighties movies at Grace's apartment. I think our legs welcomed the break!

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