Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

yep, waiting on a CITY BUS

Stairs at Riverwalk

From the boat, San Antonio River

Ampitheater at River Walk

Little church above Riverwalk

View of River Walk from boat

Faces on the building to ward off evil

So peaceful and pretty

Notice detail on the wall

Tara and Linda at Hard Rock

1902 Sunset (train) Station

Main lobby of train station

Window in the lobby

Replica of the old train

Entrance to the Alamo

Johnny and Linda, New Best Buddies

now, which way to the bus stop...

Had breakfast at the Mexican restaurant - the breakfast was very good also. We then walked down 1/2 block and stood in the sun waiting on the bus. Yes, us - we Waited For A CITY BUS. We actually did ride a CITY BUS to Riverwalk - .50 for Sr. Citizens. It took us to Riverwalk. What a wonderful place! We wandered all up and down both sides of the river. Took a boat ride on the river. Before we took off, David and Ron got going with one of the drivers - the three cracked each other up. Good thing we weren't on his boat or we wouldn't have learned any history. While we were waiting for the boat, a young man tried to buy David's Harley bag from him. David had brought shirts for Shredder from Daytona, so he reached in the Harley bag and handed the young man one of the Daytona Bike Week shirts. When he realized what David had given him, he almost cried - shook David's hand, kept thanking him -

Met up with Tara and her little boy, Johnny. What a cute, sweet boy. He reminded me of Mason with his 'little devil' look. Her husband had to work and so he couldn't have lunch with us. Ate, on the balcony overlooking the river, at Hard Rock. It was just as if Tara and I had not been apart - picked right up talking and laughing. Then went to the Harley Shop, David got a San Antonio Harley shirt.

Tara took us on a Trolley to the place she works. It is a 1902 refurbished train station, Sunset Station, a complex of seven buildings. Beautiful stained glass windows, sweeping wood staircase, polished mahogany spindles and decor. It is so beautiful, such a calming place. It is now rented out for weddings, proms, Mayor's gatherings, etc. Tara is very proud of her job as well as she should be.

Rode the Trolley back in to town and went to the Alamo. It was very interesting. History made there. Davey Crockett was referred to only as David Crockett.

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