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Tapioca - the main crop along with sugar cane

House in one of the richest places in Fiji

Sleeping giant mountain, start from the right and it's the head

and one of the poorest places, a Fijian village

Personal hindu temple in the backgarden of one of the village houses


Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple


A Kava bowl


Island Cultural dance show









Sunset at Volivoli

I flew to Fiji on the 11th May, it only took 3 hours, but that's my last short flight now, all the rest are over 5 hours.

Anyway, I spent 2 nights in Nadi, pretty much just lazing around the hostel pool and deciding where to go for the rest of the week as I wanted a cheap relaxing place by a nice beach. I got informed that Volivoli beach resort, near Rakiraki, the northern most point of Viti Levu, the main island, was beautiful and cheap.

To get to Rakiraki I had to catch a local bus to Lautoka at 7.30am on Sunday morning, then at Lautoka catch an 'express' bus to Rakiraki. Not very express-like as I didn't get into Rakiraki until 12.30! when the trip from Nadi to there is supposed to take about 2-3 hours. Anyway, I finally got to the resort, checked in and went to lie on the beach for the afternoon with the occasional swim in the sea.

The rest of the days were pretty much the same, get up in the morning, go to the beach and swim in the sea and go to bed at night! As Volivoli is a stop on the Feejee Experience, I got to meet up with Steph again who I'd met my first day on Kiwi Ex and who also had been on the same flight as me from Auckland! On the nights that the Feejee bus arrives, there is lots of kava drinking (tastes a bit like muddy water, I don't get it) and games and general partying, which I was usually too tired to join in with, so watched others making fools of themselves which is always fun.

On Wednesday morning I went on a snorkelling trip to the outer reef with the divers, we went to 2 places, the Maze and Cannibal's Cave. Both were beautiful, with lots of different corals of all colours and hundreds of fish, I even saw one fish attacking another one which was fun. We also saw a whale and a turtle on our way out, and the divers apparently saw a shark and a lionfish, shame I couldn't dive with them, but then I would have had to do an introductory dive and wouldn't have gone with them that far down.

I am now back in Nadi after an actual express bus from Rakiraki on Thursday morning. Went to see the big Hindu temple that's in town and walked around the handicraft market which was nice. One night in the Nadi hostel there was an island cultural dance show which was great fun to watch their dances and hear the songs, so I've had a little bit of culture on my beach holiday to Fiji! It'd be good to spend longer here to really get to explore some of the islands though.

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