John and Janet 2007 Alaska travel blog


Wisconsin Black and Whites

Lake Winnebago

Oshkosh B'gosh

Catch Anything?

We are headed northwest again. Well, actually north and then west. We take scenic Route 45 north to Oshkosh where there are great views of Lake Winnebago. From Oshkosh we head west on Route 21.

The lilacs are in bloom and this area is just as you would picture Wisconsin. There are lots of cows and dairy farms here. We even see a wood stork in an open field. Of course we make a U-Turn to go back and identify it. No wonder we never get very far in a day!

Our only problem of the day is getting to the Hixton KOA. The road it is on is closed. After some determined detouring, a workman escorts us down the gravel side of the road directly to the Campground entrance. We are practicing for Alaska.

We decide to eat in tonight. Tom is out practicing fly fishing in our empty campground. Tomorrow we may get out of Wisconsin!

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