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Sunset on Playa Samara.

Keep in mind, this girl is 2 years old, and the dog,...

On the ferry from Puntarenas to Playa Naranjo we befriended these young...

Not a religious conversion, but a way to keep the gnat flies...

Self Portraits taken at Shake Joe's in Samara. The outdoor tables have...

A very jolly door.

At each point of transition, taxi drivers swarm you upon your arrival, making Spanish promises that they will take you to your destination at a much quicker rate, and that the price is ¨very good, very good.¨ We were tempted by it after our first bus, then boat ride yesterday on our way to Samara, as we were faced with still another ferry and two more bus rides. But, we opted for the adventure and the long day of travel, and we were fully rewarded. On the ferry we were approached by the most darling children, five in all, of the same family. Raquel, the oldest (12) was interested in my book (Mandy) she looked at it for a while, trying to decipher the words. We ended up having a truly remarkable interaction with the girls, ranging in age from 4 to 12- they wanted to know English words, and were intrigued by us and our books. We exchanged email and addresses, although I didn´t have an address to give her, and she had never used a computer, so we´ll see how it works out! She gifted us a tiny seashell, and we presented her with a little spanish-english dictionary. (time to not be so dependent on that book anyway!) Our encounter made our extensive travels that day very worthwhile.

We made it to Nicoya late last night, found ourselves a spot to eat while we waited our bus to Samara. We were joined by two hysterical ladies from Canada whom we had met on the bus earlier that day. They are travel buddies, and are spending 4 months in Costa Rica, so they provided us with several great connections of places to go etc. They were a stitch together- very entertaining!

So, without further ado, we made it to Samara last night- it´s a sleepy beach town on the Pacific, and we have enjoyed a restful day on the beach, recovering from our long day of travel yesterday.

We´re staying at a great little beach hostel for $7.50 per night each.. and are very happy and well, and continue to be intrigued by our new surroundings. It has only been a week, and there is already so very much to tell. Thank you all for wanting to share in this with us! We will keep you posted as we continue to find reliable internet connections! The photos are few because it takes forever to download. There will be more coming.

Happy Holidays, Peace, and a Happy New Year to All.

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