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The ferry dock at Yung Shue Wan - Lamma Island

Beach on Lamma Island

Buying fruit for our hike

Hiking on Lamma Island

Power plant

Lamma Island

Will & Kristin hiking on Lamma Island

Taking a water break

Will hiking on Lamma Island

View from the trail

Kristin tries out her new beach hat!

Butterfly barbecue....yum?

The ferry back to Hong Kong Island

Boarding the ferry

Riding the subway

On Thursday, we took a ferry to Lamma Island, a small piece of land southwest of Hong Kong Island. We were pretty proud of ourselves after we successful navigated the MTR subway system without Grace as a guide. (Okay, we did have to backtrack a couple of times but eventually we made it to the ferry piers.) The ferry landed in Yung Shue Wan harbor on the north side of the island.

Originally, Lamma was a quaint little fishing village but it has grown to become a popular tourist attraction because of the advent of a great hiking trail that runs nearly the length of the island and offers spectacular views of the lush vegetation, sparkling waters, and occasionally, the skyline of the city on adjacent Hong Kong Island. The trail wound us through several small neighborhoods, past lots of little shops and food stands. We bought some fresh fruit along the way and quickly learned to watch out for men on motorized carts speeding between the villages with their wares.

The scenery was really beautiful. One minute we would be passing underneath large tropical vegetation and the next we would emerge to find grassy slopes overlooking the bay below us. Brightly colored blossoms appeared along the way while buzzing insects, noisy villagers, and the sound of the surf filled the air. We stopped at a couple of pavillions to soak in the scenery (and catch our breath!) before continuing on to a small, shady beach about three quarters of the way down the trail. It felt great to lounge around and read something other than a textbook for once! Unfortunately, we neglected to bring any bug repellant with us so after an hour at the beach we headed back to the trail and continued on to Sok Ku Wan.

A long line of seafood restaurants awaited us. You could actually pick the seafood you wanted right out of huge tanks full of lobster, crab, squid, and other live delicacies. We settled on a huge platter of calamari and prawns before boarding the ferry back to Hong Kong. We stopped for a much needed caffeine break and more reading time on the way back to Grace's house. Then, freshly showered, we walked to Grace and Psalm's favorite Japanese restaurant (they even have their own translated menu waiting for them when they arrive!) to eat dinner and just hang out until we crashed from exhaustion. We're having a hard time staying awake past nine p.m. but hopefully our bodies are slowly adjusting. Tomorrow, we'll be exploring more of Kowloon and the local markets.

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