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Andy & the Boa


Guide Niegro and our boat

pink dolphin - v hard to photograph!


cheeky monkeys



Jabaroo - biggest bird in the Amazon


musical Israelis


jungle lodge

night time alligator hunting

found some babies - a bit cruel!

crazy Bolivian

Anaconda hunting in the swamp

knee deep in swamp anaconda hunting - what a waste of time...


found one!



Andy & I - swimming with the pirahanas!





sunset at the mirador


hiding from the millions of mossies




Andy doing his Steve Irwin impression

another pink dolphin!

pirhana catch

huge rodents like small hippos (can't remember the name!) - totally gross

just another huge poisonous snake...

last day group pic

After a day in Rurrenbaque recovering from bus journey from hell, Andy and I set off on our Amazon trip to the Pampas (or wetlands - the best area for spotting wildife). We met the rest of our group - 6 Israeli guys! (plus bongo drums and guitars) which wasn't really that surprising considering the whole of Israel seemed to be in Rurrenbaque when we were there...well and in Bolivia too! Sometimes you feel like you're in Tel Aviv. I thought it was going to be a nightmare but they were all really nice, although some of them couldn't speak any English or Spanish so we had a few communication problems! Even our guide Niegro could speak Hebrew which he'd learnt just from the sheer numbers of Israeli travellers there are so we did feel a bit invisible sometimes!!

Was such a great trip though and definitely another highlight of my was for 3 days and 2 nights - most of the days were spent cruising up the Amazon in a big dugout canoe and the nights were spent in a very basic jungle lodge.

Within minutes of getting in the boat, we saw loads of pink dolphins swimming all around us and jumping out the water. I'd heard about pink dolphins in the Amazon, but was so surprised to actually see them and see just how pink they are - totally bizarre! Unfortunately they are very quick jumping and almost impossible to get decent pictures - but we honestly saw lots!

The wildlife we saw was just incredible - every tree full of monkeys and birds - so many different types have forgotten most of the names! Alligators, turtles, giant rodents, snakes ...It was just like being in the Jungle Book!

The first night after dinner, we went out in the pitch black alligator hunting...we had to shine our torches in the water and onto the banks to look for 2 green dots - the alligator eyes! Fortunately we only found some small babies as was a little terrifying - you feel very exposed in that little boat so close to the water!!

The next day we went for a walk in the swamp looking for anacondas - armed with wellies (totally useless as were thigh deep in water by the end!) and a machetti to cut our path...was a little scary as anacondas can actually eat people, but I was actually more concerned about all the ticks and parasites I was convinced were burrowing into my skin around my feet and still hoping I didn't get any! Surely enough our guide soon found a massive 2m anaconda - was not brave enough to hold it, it looked totally evil!

The afternoon we did a bit of pirhana fishing - I didn't manage to catch any though :o( but a few of the guys did and then we cooked them for dinner - not very tasty - far too bony with no meat on them!

We also went swimming in the river - supposedly with the pink dolphins but they just swam away as soon as we got in the water. Was also hoping that all the pirhanas, snakes and alligators and other horrid rodents were nowhere close whilst swimming! Tried not to think about it too much and hoped that it would be one of the others that got eaten and not me! We all survived though!

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