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Airlie Beach

sunrise from the boat on the 1st morning- on route to whitehaven...





...we are sailing....

whitsunday island


view over to whitehaven beach

whitehaven beach


scottish claire and whitehaven
































our boat (Tallarook)



huge fish!





spidey impersonation! getting ready to jump off boat-check out that sexy stinger...




sunbathing on deck

Out in Airlie @ Beaches - Nat dancing with Jean-Luca

Jean-Luca & Olly (Nat's boat people)


Nat & Niall- Irsih guy nat met in surfers- lovers reunion, bless!

tallarook III


























sea turtle

sea turtle


Chilled 1st day spent at lagoon swimming, said bye to Nat again in Airlie beach whilst she went on her boat, met up with Lisa, Essex gal from the farm stay, we teamed up with a British couple & won the hostel quiz on our 1st night & got a bottle of champers for our efforts- our winning tie break coming from being able to name Michaelangelo's (teenage mutant ninga turtles) weapon of choice- numb chucks don't you know!

Did a 3 day live aboard sail around the islands - boat was cool considering it was the total budget option!- Tallarook/T3- was a bit worried when 1st saw it- there were 18 of us sleeping on it, plus crew, but thankfully downstairs was deceptively bigger! Awesome food, saw the sunrise on the 2nd morn got to Whitehaven beach before all the crowds on day 2 which was wicked, went snorkelling along a reef in the avo & saw loadsa fish, could av stayed under forever, really is another world. Also got a quick free scuba dive- every1 in my group paniced & wimped out so ended up getting the instructor to myself! 2nd day we snorkelled around black island- got to jump off boat & then was the only 1 to opt to snorkel to shore (every1 else took boat)... seemed wise when your snorkelling along by yourself in the ocean against a bloody strong current and you can just hear your own breathing & random noises but not see anything (too deep)- did let my mind wander to the whole shark coming out of the abyess scenario (not totally unjustified as another group was circled by a hammerhead the same time we were out)- when i finally reached the coral was pretty happy! Saw even more fish, & 2 turtles! Amazing, diving down & swimming along with it, made my trip for sure.

Big night out in Airlie when we got back- we stayed in the most dive of a hostel called seaview where the guy was a stoner & had been left in charge by default- the manager had had a heart attack & the guy who was in charge had jumped off the balcony drunk & broke his foot- the place was pretty filth- we had to pay $3 for linen to be told that the clean linen was in the same pile as the dirty stuff and we had to root through it all and do a smell test to see if it was clean or not! Big night out at beaches/mama africas (not been to one since cusco- memories!), then bye to Nat again & off to Maggie Island....

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