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Hollow Mountain ... These are the stragglers at the back.. We R...

Mackenzie's Fall ... How inviting does that water look.

Our Shelley Bells getting pretty damn good on the PHOTO front.

Hot work this mountain climbing ... Look at the state of us...

And its a Kangaroo ... Finally

Roo's on a night out. !

Brambuks Youth Hostel in the Grampians ......

The next thrilling edition of the adventures of the Two country Bumpkins.

Good news, wednesday morning our bus arrived at Back Pack OZ to find us sat on a bench, with our huge rucksacks ! Phew, they remembered us. Elana and Paul are safe, we are off.

The bus was huge, 50 odd travellers all heading to Melbourne. We were all made to move seats and socialise with all the other passengers. Poor Shelley got stuck talking to some old dudes that couldn't understand a word of English. She had a great time. Hannah on the other hand located two men from Milton Keynes ( Made Michelles day) and Hannah found Tim from Colchester.!

The bus took us to Hollow Mountain in The Grampains first ... Jeez we weren't exactly prepared for what was about to take place. How does scrabbling along the edge of a mountain, with the possibility of deadly snakes and spiders popping out to great you. Thankfully we didn't see any and at the top .. .Oh my god the VIEW !!! ... You will see by some of the photos attached.

We then hiked down a shed load of steps to view Mackenzie's fall, unfortunately we couldn't swim in there. Shame because BOY we were hot. ! We had a well deserved icecream at the top, when eventually we got there.

Next stop our lodgings in The Grampians .. Brambuks youth hostel. We shared a dorm with another girl and the room was ok, perhaps needed a good spring clean. But apart from that, it was ok.

We waved goodbye to everyone the next morning from our bunk beds, like we were going to get up. A lie in was in order, we were up at 5.00am the previous morning. ! We then headed to the swimming pool and topped up our tans. By now the temparature was going up!

We went for an evening stroll, which we encountered meetings with a very handsome red stag, along with kangaroo's galore and some extremely noisey parrots. Deffinately the best time to head out, when its a bit cooler.

Friday we made ourselves a packed lunch, armed ourselves with a good map and headed up the mountains. (note we were alone .. aren't we getting brave.. )Venus Baths was the first stop, to jump in them was very tempting but ... who knows what would have been in there with us. So we passed on that. We continued up the mountain for a good hour or so, and fell upon Splitters Fall. We celebrated our achievement by munching on an apple ! We saw a Lizzard that had no tail ( Don't worry its not meant to have a tail). !

Friday night our youth hostel was invaded with the next tour group, it had been so peaceful up until this point. !

We left early Saturday morning... Yes another 6.00am start. First stop a long hike up the mountain to the Pinnacle. Wow the views were amazing, plus our rock climbing skills came in very handy indeeed.

Next stop the 'Great Ocean Road' ... and it really is GREAT. The beaches and the sea were fab and some peeps even went in for a swim. Don't they know there is SHARKS out there. !

The Twelves apostles has to have been the high light of the whole Great Ocean Road Trip, especially when we returned at sunset and saw the Penguins return from a hard days work fishing in the sea, for grub. We watched them playing in the wash for about an hour and then finally they headed up to bed.

Now the Sunset which was supposed to happen at 8.45pm, didn't happen. Thanks to a storm, so there were hundreds of clouds. Don't worry we bought the postcard of it, instead.

Our Youth Hostel ' The 13th Apostle' was nice and this time, we shared with a guy from Switzerland and a lady from Germany, who kept us up all night ........ snoring.

Sunday, we went a rainforest .. But it didn't have any monkeys, very disapointing... but it is home to a nasty BLACK snail. That is a carnivore and will also prey on other snails, it drills a whole in the other snails shell, spits some poison on it and sucks its victom out through the whole ALIVE. ( Shelleys mum we have a photo specially for you and we will add in to the internet soon, once developed.)

Then we went to Australias version of Torquay .... We saw all the famous surf shops, but as we haven't quite got into the surfing scene just yet ... We didn't require a BOARD!

Next stop Base Back Packers ... Melbourne, St Kilda... We have upgraded to the Sanctuary which means that Shelley Bell gets to have her hair straightners .. Thank the lord. Plus we get fluffy white towels. Our world is whole again. !

Once we had eventually checked in, we had quick showers and headed out for the night with our tour group. We painted the town red and we had a Macy D's ... ..

Hope you like the photos, we haven't had the Apostles and RainForest put onto disk. Keep an eye on this page for when we get a chance too. !

Hannah would just like to say .... ' I pity the man that Marries MICHELLE' .... I think Shelleys family know where I am coming from here. ! hehe he he ... .

Bye for now.

Five working days till XMAS ... We will raise a tinny to you all, from the beach.

Lots of Luv

Hannah and Shelley Bell


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