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Laura & Andy unloading our broken down landie-

Gang at Lake MacKenzie



Lina, Lisa & Leanne

posers! Me, Laura & Julia


evening drinks (Myah, SImon, Julia, Mark, Andy, Laura, Leanne)

lake birabeen

rainbow at lake birabeen




our number plate





gang & the car

little bit crammed in the back of the car!

beach driving



knarly waves- sea at fraser is treachurous


walk to lake waddy

lake waddy



boys climbing up the sand dune...




catfish in lake waddy











simon with the catfish




digging a shit pit!





indian head

huge spider- u just cant see coz it's not in focus!





me at indian head






eagle and seagull


back seat isn't the comfiest- Myah takes no precautions

the pinnacles



Eli Creek - where we drank the water & floated down






end of the road with landie no 2 (Laura,Amit,Leanne,Mark,Lisa,Andy,Myah,Lina,Julia,Simon,Me))

Next day we got off to a bit of a shaky start- got bogged in the sand within half hour of arriving on the island, then when we arrived at our 1st stop turned out we had a cracked radiator and had to wait for them to bring us another car from the mainland. All good after that though, we got to lake McKensie (where the sand is so fine you can polish your teeth & jewellery with-apparently!) after the crowds, so that was cool. 1st evening we had a wicked bbq, only annoying thing bout fraser is u have to go everywhere in twos coz of dingoes (especially to the loo-& not just gals! were told horror stories from ranger of dingoes actually grabbing the poo from peoples bums!). 2nd day we did lake birrabeem (mud is supposed to be amazing for skin but smelt like poo so just couldn't face smearing it over me- had a mud fight with Andy [kiwi] instead)& lake waddy-saw loadsa catfish & turtles. Camped on the beach that night, it rained so we all huddled in the landie for dinner where I fell asleep on poor old Andy for about three hours!

Last day was an early start- up to Indian heads in hope of seeing sharks, but too wavy. Stopped off at the Pinnacles, the shipwreck & Eddy Creek on way back down- a freshwater creek where you can drink the water (tastes fab) & float back down out to the sea, really nice spot. We saw 2 dingoes on the beach on way back to ferry which made the trip.

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