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We asked, and these type of cement bricks, these ones float. Don´t...

Can you guess which of these two are the white gringos?

We hopped on a local bus out of San Jose on Monday afternoon, feeling more secure with all of our belongings safely on our backs. Montezuma, our destination is on the southern point of the Nicoya peninsula, and is reached by taking a ferry from Puntarenas. We arrived in Puntarenas by bus at dusk, and located Hotel Cabezas which was the recommended budget hotel near the ferry. Putarenas was not the most welcoming of towns, but to give it some credit, we did arrive at night, so were presented with a bit of a difficult task of navigating the city in the dark. After an evening of some really bad Karaoke at an outdoor restaurant/down by the water (remember the band Air Supply? They´re making a come back in Central America, apparently!) we got a restful nights sleep in our tiny little hotel room.

We caught an early morning ferry to Paquera, bringing us to the Nicoya peninsula. We met a great ¨tico¨named Albino who was headed on a fishing trip with his buddies. We exchanged some broken spanish/english, and he provided us with a bit of advice about places to go. We also met ¨Tyler¨a surfer dude from California, with whom we ended up sharing a cab with to Montezuma. A fire-fighter, life guard, and recreational surfer from Pismo Beach, he was anxious to get caught up with friends in Santa Teresa. We thought for a moment of changing our plans and stearing the cab straight for there, but on nothing more than a gut feeling, we decided to stick to our plan for Montezuma.

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