Cooper's Abroad 2004/5 travel blog

otehei bay a stop off on our cruise of the bays

graeme tries the beach for size

Captain says we can steer through this rock

oh yes we can

with a few feet to spare either side

is that penny at the helm?

and out the other side

a smaller boat follows us through

and another

its easy when you know how

this lady guards the bay

two lagoons bay

a sailors paradise

the waterfront at Paihia

the same water front

17th dec, Piahia Our hotel takes campers and vans, so we have the facilities of the hotel to make use of,we have decided to stay here three nights and split the journey back to Auckland in two,stopping at the thermal pools paradise, ie, 26 pools heated between 20&30 c, some of them outdoors.

One pool is a movie pool, where one can view a film whilst lounging in the pool. Graeme says he is not going in if they are showing Jaws, we will wait and see on that one.

Today we had a lazy morning, and shopped for essentials, we had booked a cruise for the afternoon , cruising the Bay of Islands,the photo's you can see now. It was very enjoyable, the passage through the famous hole in the rock was exciting and acheived with great skill by our skipper,she had informed us that there should be 8ft either side to spare, but the swell made a little difficult to get it lined up,other boats after us did it easily because they were much smaller than us.In one of the shots you can see Penny in what appears to be the driving seat.

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