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Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Alabama

Kitchen courtyard, kitchens were through the arches

Detail of one of the kitchens

Inside the ammunition powder storage, looking toward tunnel leading to the central...

Guide dressed in authentic wool uniform-firing the musket

Firing the cannon (We could hear it fire when we were in...

Bastion facing across mouth of Mobile Bay

Leaving Dauphin Island, Connie and Ron going over the bridge and into...

Tyler slept through the Horrible Steel Tunnel in New Orleans

May 3rd. Still on Dauphin Island. We explored Fort Gaines. Really interesting fort and interesting people providing history behind it. Construction began in 1819 with work not completed until 1861. The fort is named for General Edmund Pendleton Gaines. He had led his men in the capture of former Vice President, Aaron Burr, who was accused of treason. The fort is very well preserved and more intricate construction than others we have seen. Lunch at Barnacle Bill's with lots of crawfish on the menu. Very good!

May 4th - today...

Our Wagon Master, Mr Ronald Heck, had various 'surprises' for us today. Since I am slowly recovering from the trauma of the 10 bridges and one tunnel I guess he thought I would like some icing on the cake. Today, we had to cross seventeen, (17-!), bridges from Dauphin Island, AL to get to our campsite at Bayou Segnette State Park in Jefferson Parish. The last BIG BRIDGE we went over was one that was partly destroyed during the hurricane two years ago. It was patched with temporary stuff that rattled and shook and clattered. Huge patches of the bridge were just - gone. You could see where they had patched it over to another lane. Bonnie and I had A Very Difficult Time while we were going over that bridge. We traveled in rain most of the day.

On the way in we saw row after row after row of abandoned houses, apartments, businesses and office buildings. Some of the houses still had the big red 'X' on the front of them denoting they had been searched for hurricane victims. Street after street of ruined houses with large white trailers parked in the front yards - after two years.

The campground is very nice. Most State parks are really pretty, with large campsites and clean facilities. This one has a pool, and a wave pool. A fierce thunderstorm after we got the RVs parked. On TV it showed the French Quarter swamped, with waves lapping at the doors of the businesses and shops. There were 4" of rain in a two hour period. Luckily we were here at the campground when it hit. However, our sites are now surrounded by 'lakes' from the deluge.

OK - Big Problem: Biddy, the GPS that David and Ron both have, got us LOST in a Not So Very Nice part of town! We were headed to a restaurant, 'only 10 miles away', and ended up surrounded by abandoned houses, barely lived in houses, boarded up windows, burned out cars. Since the 4" of rain were in just a two hour span, there were streets we had to drive on that were down from 3 lanes to one resulting in traffic gridlock. Everyone was in a hurry to go home on a Friday afternoon, stalled cars, drivers telling other drivers they were #1 - get the picture? Plus, to get into town we had to go over another bridge. We ended up eating at Taco Bell and coming back to the campground. Why, yes, we did have to go over that bridge again to get back. That makes 19 bridges today!

Then, when we tried to sit outside on our patio, the mosquitoes dive-bombed us. We all gave up and went to our rigs. . . On top of all that, we have a leak in Max' windshield. Then, since I pad around barefoot, I found that the seals on each side of the bedroom slide had leaked. We are now going to locate a service dealer in Texas to have the leaks fixed. For some reason David does not want to have any of the ten, (yes,10), service dealers we located in LA to do the repairs. I guess the man has his own reasons, but I certainly do not understand -

Having a wonderful time - I guess...

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