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frasers beach, lake manapouri

museum of golden bygones

museum artefacts

view from luxmore hut

aaron climbin to luxmore peak

me at the top of mt luxmore

some crazy tree

a creek

above the clouds

me above the clouds

view from valley

left queenstwon for te anau, a tiny town with nothing to do except sit around watching movies whilst i was waiting for hut prices to drop to do the kepler track on the cheap. did pass one day by cycling a 40km round trip to lake manapouri where i sampled one of the 16 flavours of hot chocolate available at the local cafe before heading back. on my way back i stopped at this crazy museum which was basically two garages of crap these old people had accumulated over the past 40 years. for the first ten minutes i though what on earth i was doin there but i ended up stayin for over an hour cus there was some pretty interesting stuff there. i also got souvenir pen.

on the friday me and aaron, a canadian lad i met on the greenstone caples track, headed off on another 4 day hike. the first two days were misty and freezing, but still enjoyable since the forests look better in such weather. also, there were some caves we went exploring and we conquered mount luxmore, standing tall at 1472 metres - the highest mountain i have climbed myself - unfortunatley i couldn't see any further than 5 metres in front of me. the third day was beautiful but by then we were in the valley so could not get the views. so, we decided to climb 800m back up the mountain we descended the day before and as we emerged above the treeline, following over an hour of uphill, to find ourselves above the cloud it all felt worth it. one of the most amazing feeling ive ever had to be standing above cloud, so whilst we still had another six hours hiking to go i didn't care. overall, a great track as the pictures will display better than my words can.

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