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Teacher Marshall - chalk at the ready!

Teacher Marshall - Doing the Hokey Cokey with the students

Me and my class!

Me and Some of Chok's Family (from the left his uncle, his...

Chok and his uncle

Chok playing his guitar

Chok arm wrestling a strapping Ozzie girl!

Chok and me in a Thai boxing pose!

Well on departing from Claire I made my way from Bangkok back down to Krabi to try my hand at a spot of teaching and to visit Chok, the lovely Thai young man who I had met previously. I was a little bit apprehensive at leaving claire and travelling alone but in Thailaind it is so easy to get about that even I couldn't get lost!

No doubt my family and friends thought I had gone bananas in true Becky style, but I had a lovely week and experienced things that I would never have had the chance to if I had not gone back to visit. So definitely no regrets on missing out on Bali!

The second day of my stay I was whisked off to meet Chok's parents who live about an hour away from Krabi. It was a fairly nerve wracking day as you have no idea what to expect and also you have to remember certain ways of behaving in order be good mannered! Fortunately for the most part his family dont speak english so they were able to freely talk about me and I could happily sit there without the foggiest notion of what was going on - it was almost a relief not to have to explain yourself! He has a lovely family who were very welcoming and even though I couldnt really talk to them, they didnt make me feel uncomfortable (well apart from when I had to eat all the very spicy food!)

I stayed in the bungalows which were owned by his brother in law and was always invited to eat with his family and was treated like a very special guest. Most of the evenings there were spent enetertaining the other guests and we passed the time with Chok and his Uncle playing the gutiar and singing. It was really lovely to feel a bit special for the week, as after weeks on the road I was in need of a bit of TLC

I also spent a couple of days teaching in a local school. It was a government run school which means the kids there came from pretty poor families as they didnt have to pay. It was an extremely nerve wracking experience, I had to put together teaching plans and then was thrown into trying to teach the kids in whatever way I could! No easy task, trying to keep the interest of 30 13 year olds, especially when they obviously found English very difficult! But I managed to resort to making a fool of myself singing and dancing and playing word games and that seemed to go down as well as anything.

It was a great experience, a little bit scary but it gave me a real buzz doing it as its something I didnt think I would be brave enough to do!

So all in all I had a lovely week back in Krabi and have promised to go back again..so watch this space!

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