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Well, exactly 2 weeks into my trip and I've made zero progress, I'm back exactly where I started in Buenos Aires.

Any of you of a jealous disposition should stop now or wait until spring arrives.

It's been a lovely 30-32C and clear blue skys today and I think I've found the place that I want to retire to, a nice flat in the dock warehouse conversions in BsAs old harbour. It makes most of Docklands look fairly shabby. I really can't find anything bad to say about Argentina and BsAs in particular, it's a fantastic city full of beautiful places and beautiful people (I think they put E in the breakfasts). Anyone looking for a good nightlife, sell up and move here. I was in a great pub until about 3am this morning (Monday) and it was still busy when we left. I think I was paying less than 2 pounds for 4 pints in the happy hours, a litre bottle of decent beer in the supermarket cost's about 35p. I've yet to pay more than a pound for a bottle of wine and I haven't had a bad one yet. One of the guys I'm sharing a room with went to a club on Saturday night amd got back at 8am this morning a good 30 hrs later. And the food, where do I start, the steaks have to be the best in the world and probably the cheapest, there's a lot to be said for economic collapse, I'm slowly working my way through all the different cuts of beef, so far Lomo de Bife is top.

I can't believe how polite the Argentinians are too, there is a strict pecking order for seats on busses and the underground, as soon as a pregnant woman, pensioner or disabled person get on everyone jumps up to offer them a seat. I even saw the changing of the guard today and they stopped and waited for the green man (white actually) before crossing the road.

Anyway, that's enough ranting for the moment, I think you get the gist.

I'm leaving for Patagonia tomorrow and the Whale, penguin, sea-lion watching and diving capitol of Argentina so hopefully the diving gear that I've been lugging around will get used fo the first time. Then the plan is to head into Tierra del Fuego and the tip of the continent then up though the Andes.

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