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Guess this is one way to disguise a microwave tower. This was...

Great Salt Lake

Going up the pass just east of SLC

Parley's Summit - this picture for my friend MamaP, Does it bring...

What goes up - must come down.

Thought this ranch next to the red mountain was cozy.

This beautiful canyon seemed to go on forever. Around every curve was...

And then we would come to another beautiful mountain range.

As we pulled into West Wendover, NV, we stopped at the tourist information. One of the first things the lady behind the counter told us was that there was a storm with wind coming our way and that travel between there and Salt Lake City could be iffy the next day. We also asked about parking overnight at the casinos and she said it would be ok - but not to unhook the truck. It looked to us it would be better to go into an RV park for the night, hook up the internet dish so I could do my own checking of the weather, unhook the truck to get fuel, and have a relaxing night - so that is what we did. The Gold Nugget Casino has an RV Park and we hooked up for the night. They even had cable so we were able to watch some TV without putting up that dish.

We went to get fuel and stopped at the Red Garter Casino for something to eat. Nothing super great - but good food, filling and fairly inexpensive. Went back home and watched TV, and slept very well.

The Weather Channel and Weatherbug along with the local weather on TV convinced us that we needed to get going across Utah. So we packed up and were on the road by 8:30(that's two days in a row!!) The storm that was coming predicted high winds across the salt desert and snow in the mountain passes east of Salt Lake City. Not really good traveling weather when you are dragging your house behind you.

It was a disappointment not to find a campground in Wendover, UT, but instead we stayed in West Wendover, NV. This (according to our criteria) means we couldn't put a Utah sticker on our map as we had not stayed overnight in UT. We will see - maybe we will hit it next year.

The scenery across UT was very different - first miles and miles of very straight road thru the salt flats. Lots of signs about drowsy drivers and how they should pull over or off the road. Then we had the mountains around Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake itself. Traffic was very light and we traversed SLC in just a few minutes. We had the "floozy" on (talking GPS) and she alerted us to turns well in advance.

We only encountered two major mountain passes - one just outside of SLC, and one east of Evanston, WY. Neither one caused us any problems. It just seemed like we were passing the same trucks all day. We passed them going up the hills and they passed us going down.

We pulled into Ft. Bridger around 2 pm Mountain Time and now have a large grassy spot. For once we had no problem with the set up of either of the satellite dishes (TV has been giving us some problems - think it is time for a new one) and we are sitting cozy.

The storm that chased us across Utah is supposed to hit here tomorrow with perhaps 1/2 inch of snow. We don't care - we are off the road. Will be here at least two days and will then see how the weather is to determine travel plans.

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