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a tour boat in old locks - the locks and canal were...

got to see a big oil tanker go through the new locks

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My tour of the Kiel canal locks at Holtenau in German, he...

Hello I did take along nap on Sunday afternoon in my hotel in Rendsburg. It felt great to kick back. Tuesday on the road for more adventure. Found out first thing it was a German National Holiday but relatively quiet on road, etc. I couldn't tell as much as the Netherlands one. The only thing I regret is that there was an art gallery I was going to visit in the city of Rendsburg on Monday morning. An artist's oil paintings I liked but it was not open because of holiday. So I drove onto the locks in Holtenau just a few km north of Kiel. Now I've seen locks before in Ballard so I understand the working of them. The tours were ever 2 hours with 25 people max. So I had time for a cappacino on the waterfront. Another beautiful day about 20deg C. So I sat in the harbour area where ships come in from Baltic Sea to enter the Kiel Canal. I joined a 11AM tour. I took a bit of a video. The entire tour was in German but I never let on I was English. And I didn't look at the tour guide too much so he wouldn't ask me a question directly. I could tell he posed questions occasionally. But it was fun to see how much I could understand. Of course there were lots of numbers! Did you know one of those container ships can hold about 420 containers! Amazing. And the fee for one of those ships to go through the locks is 7000 Euro. I did understand that. It was a nice hour and half tour with a great little museum of the locks, bridges, foot tunnel, schwebefahre etc. Then I drove into Kiel and did laundry. Now here is where the holiday saved me. There was very little traffic and parking was free in the lots on Sundays and holidays. The launderette that was in lonely planet guide was not there but fortunately there was one a few meters away. I asked a young lady. So got my laundry done for E4,50 and had an eisshake - kind of like a milk shake. And then hopped in car to drive to Baltic coast and my next little home.

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