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ORCS our transport for the day

Frodo and Sam's first sighting of Gollum was here

Forest of Lothlorien

Tower of Orthanc (Isengard) was superimposed here

The Dead Marshes

Amon Hen (but the trees are bigger now)

This morning I went on a Lord of the Rings Scenery tour of the places surrounding Queenstown were several parts of the movies were shot. Unfortunately the clouds were low lying again which meant they obscured some points of reference like the tops of certain mountains, however it was a very good trip. We got to see Isengard, Lothlorien, Ithilien, the Dead Marshes and Fanghorn Forest, as well as small areas that may only appear for a few seconds in the movie, but were obviously important to Peter Jackson as they were in hard to find places. Our driver had actually been involved with the music on the films, as he was part of one of the orchestras used. The farm on which the forest used for Fanghorn forest does a good business in the film industry as it's also been used for the Narnia films, and apparently just recently they finished filming Prince Caspian there.

In the afternoon, I finally got this site up to date, apart from the photographs after Franz Josef anyway!

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