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Lake Hawea

Freaky faces room!

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3D Maze

At 7.30am we all got on the bus and headed through the small township of Fox Glacier to do a 1 hour walk around Lake Matheson. As my knees were feeling slightly better, and I had been informed it was an easy walk, I went along as well.

Lake Matheson is known for the amazing reflections you get in it, and you have to get there early before the ducks destroy the surface of the lake. Nothing really prepares you for the sight of Mounts Cook and Tasman being reflected so perfectly on the surface of the lake. If you turn a photograph upside down you wouldn't have any idea which was the sky and which was the lake!! It's pretty awesome.

After breakfast we left glacier county and drove onto a place called Thunder Creek Falls where we saw, surprisingly enough a waterfall at Thunder Creek. It was really nice though. We drove through 3 different ecosystems on the way towards Wanaka, including the sub-temperate rainforest and alpine beech forest and then into a tundra kind of environment. The scenery in New Zealand is amazing, and however many pictures I take, I just can't quite capture the beauty of it all.

We drove past Lake Wanaka, the 4th largest lake in New Zealand after Taupo, Te Anau and Wakapitu. With the sun shining outside, it looked beautiful. We couldn't stop for photos here though so stopped at Lake Hawea instead, which was just as beautiful, but not as big!

We were then in Wanaka. The best part was we were staying in 3 star hotel with a specially converted 'Kiwi Experience' wing, so we had a kitchen and laundry, but also only 4 bed dorms, with ensuite, including a bath!!!! Luxury. As well as TV's in the room with 3 films showing each night. I only had to share with one other girl which was even better as we got to have more space to put our things. So I spent the evening having a bath and watching the films on TV, which were Mona Lisa Smile and Sleepless in Seattle.

In the morning we headed to Puzzling World. A place with a 3D maze including bridges and stairs and towers as well as 4 different illusion rooms. One illusion room was of faces that seem to follow you around the room, really quite freaky! The next is tilted at a 14 degree angle, which just made my head feel weird, there's one that has the largest collection of holograms in the world and the last is a room where you look short at one side but tall at the other when you view yourself on the video screen afterwards. The cafe has tables with a selection of different puzzles for you to play with whilst eating or waiting for your food. It's really quite a fun place!

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