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Cape Foulwind view - start of walk

Cape Foulwind view - end of walk

Weka bird

Pancake rocks

Surge Pool

Cool rock formations

Interesting night!

We left Westport and stopped for a walk at Cape Foulwind, once again I didn't do the walk, but there were some very nice views. Scottie (the driver of our Kiwi bus), me and some others who weren't walking waited for the rest of the group at the other end of the walk. Whilst we were waiting we saw a Weka bird, a native New Zealand bird, flightless as before man introduced animals they had no predators. Once everyone had finished the walk we headed towards Punakaiki.

At Punakaiki we had a short 20minute walk to see the Pancake rocks and blowholes. These rocks are really weird, as they've formed in a way that makes them look like stacks of pancakes, rather than smoothing on the outside.

Our next stop was Greymouth, where we stocked up on supplies, and the boys bought girls clothes as we had been informed that tonights entertainment at Lake Mahinapua would be 'cross dressing' for the boys, whereas the girls would have to make something out of rubbish bags! In my non-creative way, and putting the least effort I could think of, I actually went as a bag of rubbish, sticking empty bottles, receipts, clothes tags etc. onto my rubbish bags. Some people were very creative, one guy was a baby girl, another a female pirate, whereas the girls came as nuns, ballerinas, and one was a penguin! It was an interesting night, and is put on as there is actually nothing else to do in Mahinapua really!

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